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Ullu Originals: The Last Show Part 1 Watch Online For Annanya Dey

People have criticized Ullu originals for making shows like Charmsukh and Palang Tod. Here, Ullu Originals comes with ‘The Last Show Part 1’ and this is something very different. Ullu keeps coming with interesting plot ideas that not only about relationships and intimacy.

The Last Show is a web series that is scheduled to release in two parts. The first part consists of 3 episodes and it just held the premise. It is more like the interval of the 2-hours-movie. And despite they have mentioned the cast as their lead, the major portion of the show is focused on the event that took place during the last show.

And for a moment, just focus on the girl in ‘The Last Show Part 1 web series’ with curls, the gorgeous Annanya Dey. Probably, Ullu has just handpicked her to be part of the series. I am getting the feeling that we all are gonna remember her for more than just one web series.

Annanya Dey is charismatic and bold in every scene she featured and the whole three episodes are about Annanya Dey’s character Taniya and her relationship tangling with Rahul.

Table of Contents

The Last Show Part 1 Cast

Tarun – Main Lawyer – Nasirr Khan

Nanda – Bansal’s Lawyer – Aman Verma

Shushil Bansal – Raju Kher

Rahul – Rohit Choudhary

Taniya – Annanya Dey

Smriti – Shafaq Naaz

The Last Show Part 1 Review

The show revolves around the heinous theatre accident where hundreds of people passed away due to uncontrolled fire. The Last Show talks about the other version of the story where people who suffered the loss are still claiming justice while the theatre owner pointed it as an honest mistake.

Part one is all about the period drama where the whole cinema hall burnt to the ground in the fire. It showed people’s excitement for the movie, characters’ interaction, and the way they reach theatres. The Last Show is a fictional tale though.

One of the most interesting plots and story arcs includes Rahul and Taniya’s constant bickering as Rahul lost his job and they came to the theatre for the movie. They have shared some of the steamy raunchy romantic sessions as well.

This is one of the best series came from Ullu Originals.

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