You are currently viewing Primeshots: Ashleel Web Series Watch Online For Shefali Bamangaya

Primeshots: Ashleel Web Series Watch Online For Shefali Bamangaya

Primeshots: Ashleel Web Series Watch Online For Shefali Bamangaya

Primeshots has amused everyone with series of short films on their OTT platform. We all have loved the stories they come up with. And just like all of us, they also decided to steam a full-length web series on the platform. Here come the Prime shots Original web series titled ‘Ashleel’.

The story of Ashleel revolves around a good shopkeeper guy who finds himself auditioning in the erotic B-grade movie. It leads to a comical situation and when he starts dating a girl it became a big blunder. In many ways, this is a pretty good thing to watch when you are alone.

However, I advise you not to watch it as this web series is nothing but a half-baked product from Primeshots. Their short stories are attention grabber but the web series Ashleel is not at all worth watching.

Table of Contents

Primeshots Ashleel Cast

Kapil Khadiwala,

Shefali Bamangaya,

Pooja Dhakak,

Shishir Kumar Garg,

Mohan Menon,

Neeraj Vyas,

Nafees Ahmad

Primeshots Ashleel Review

If someone has to criticize the Ashleel Web series, then the reason is not the script at all. The script and story structure are good; it is the execution that caught everyone’s attention in the pretty wrong way. The scenes are poorly directed, actors were barely making any move in front of the camera, and there was certainly no zeal if we ever talk about editing in the context of filmmaking.

The only thing that can save you during these horrible 2 hours of screentime then it is Shefali Bamangaya and her oozing physique. You can probably go to watch the show because of two reasons… first… it is something new and second, it has Shefali Bamangaya on the posters.

Besides the fact that Primeshots has won us over with the quality content before making these worst acting scenes and romantic sequences.

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