The Family Man 2 Review: A Mediocre Spy Drama With Cliché Plot

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What can be said, the fan’s hope was too high? Or creators lack the vision? How can they come up with this final product even after two years? The Family Man 2 is that bad that I can say Mirzapur season 2 is good, knowing that season 2 ruined everything.

With everything going south with web series these days, fans are quite worried about Asur season 2, Aarya season 2, Made in Heaven season 2, and many other Indian web series as well. There is an 80 percent surety that shows creators will cancel ‘The Family Man Season 3’ after watching the response.

From the creative standpoint of The Family Man show to Srikant Tiwari’s life, nothing seems to hold up the narrative at all. There were many YouTubers and Blog writers who came up with Video and Article titles like ‘Everything wrong with The Family Man 2’ and ‘Why The Family Man 2 failed?’ and many others.

Let’s talk about the show and how it failed instead of making social commentary on it.

The Family Man Season 2 Plot

Let’s be frank while discussing that all the curiosity for the show is because of the cliff-hanger in the first season. Even without giving spoilers, trailers said themselves that the mission will be different and there are only little things taken from the first season cliff-hanger.

The plot revolves around politics and how it affected the militant groups. The PM decided to go for a bilateral meeting with Shri Lankan Prime Minister in Chennai and there were potential threats to execute the Prime Minister of India.

Meanwhile, the protagonist Srikant Tiwari joins the corporate job and trying to become an ideal husband but the guilt of Suchi made things worse and Srikant decided to rejoin the TASC. And the series begins… like any other spy thriller.


The Family Man 2 Performances

We fall for the characters because we know their stories and struggle and how they behave in certain situations. There was no character development at all. Even the old characters found themselves in awkward situations.

For instance, Manoj Bajpayee no doubt is one of the greatest actors working in the cinema this time. However, the actors look haggard in action scenes, especially the way he carries and shoot guns. In the first season, he looks more poised and in the character.

Samantha’s Character was introduced well but lacks all the depth and motives as the season progresses. While we were waiting to see a good spy drama it is poorly average and barely new. If you see any gangster French films, you will find the same thing.


The Family Man Season 2 Creative Decisions

From the creative standpoint, there is something that we can talk about. For instance, long shots. Even the first shot that starts the show is a long take and felt so real. The Nibbi drama from Ashlesha Thakur, Samantha’s introduction was one of the good parts of the show.

While not revealing Lonavala’s Secret, making the most of the show in Tamil language, threats to Srikant Family and other things feel like a cheap drama and not the standard show. Especially, when the stakes are so high that the group wants to execute India’s Prime Minister and at the same time wants to revenge Srikant by kidnapping his daughter. What’s this?

This is not cool if Raj and DK want us to remind them that this is an Indian show and needs to be Bollywood.

The Family Man S2 Highlights

Just KK gag on Woman Police Officer and Interaction

Samantha Introduction scene

Ashlesha Thakur romantic tit-bits

The Family Man S2 Drawbacks

Less focus on the family part

Using different languages

Baseless story arc



Don’t watch it.

The hype wouldn’t justify the series and if I get my time back I would be happy with the Return policy. I have been waiting for enthralling spy drama but The Family Man Season 2 is mediocre. I suggest you not watch it but if you watch anyway then do tell in the comment box what you didn’t like about it.

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