You are currently viewing Ullu: Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Watch Online For Mokshita Raghav

Ullu: Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Watch Online For Mokshita Raghav

Honestly speaking I thought Prabha Ki diary is going to be the worst show ever made by Ullu Originals even though they keep coming with many lackluster web series and short film ideas. For instance, Prabha Ki Diary seems like an awful script that nobody interested to read until they came up with Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife and cast Mokshita Raghav in the lead role.

Mokshita Raghav is one of the hottest things on the Internet these days. Her cozy intimate scenes with Azaz Khan from the Contract Killer went viral on Internet but Prabha Ki Diary season 4 has certainly uplifted Mokshita Raghav’s fan following among the audience.

Prabha Ki diary starts unraveling with Pamela Modal who played the character of Prabha in season 1. Later, it became a big thing and joined by the likes of Anupama Prakash in second season part 1, Anusmriti Sarkar in the second season part 2, Pamela Mondal in the part 3, and now Mokshita Raghav in part 4.

Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Cast

Mokshita Raghav – Raina

Pawan Utwani – Sheel

Prabhat Bhattacharya – Kabir

Raj Basu – Burman

Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Review

The first scene of the show starts with the voiceover of the erotica magazine read as Mokshita Raghav prepares to give one of her most memorable steamy scenes of the whole series. She looked charming and bold in black lingerie.

The show further speaks about the tantalizing story of this carefree woman named Raina played by Mokshita Raghav. Mokshita was sent by her boyfriend to take care of a struggling film director. The sparkling chemistry and blooming love lead to marriage.

Raina keeps fluctuating with her thoughts when she is caught in the middle of a love triangle with her boyfriend and new husband. While we can’t be sure of the mental trauma but Ullu graphically represented the intimacy tension among the couple.

This is the best Ullu Originals came up with if we talk about Prabha Ki Diary and this special part The Housewife featuring Mokshita Raghav.

The series is streaming on the Ullu Platform and you can watch online Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife.

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