You are currently viewing 2 Tamil Hot Web Series ‘Thiruttu Punai’ and ‘Village Brothers’ Watch Online

2 Tamil Hot Web Series ‘Thiruttu Punai’ and ‘Village Brothers’ Watch Online

2 Tamil Hot Web Series ‘Thiruttu Punai’ and ‘Village Brothers’ Watch Online

South Indian Industry does things with a style, their fight scenes are well-choreographed, their dance sequences are well executed, so why not Tamil Hot Web Series. Apart from RGV’s constant efforts to come up with exotic romantic movies, there are other production houses and OTT streaming app that constantly made Tamil Hot movies.

Thiruttu Punai and Village Brothers are the new releases that you can watch online on Jollu Tamil App. Even the actress Ankita Dave was featured in one of the videos from the Jollu Tamil App. Let’s discuss these short Hot Web series titled Village Brothers and Thiruttu Punai.

Thiruttu Punai – Hot Tamil Web Series

A comical tale of infidelity and exploring women’s prowess in bed. The series starts with a beautiful Arial shot as a newlywed couple enters their home. While they were eager for their first-night fiasco something keeps interrupting them now and then.

At the end of the second episode, there’s a long romantic sequence when a newlywed couple made love to each other. While everything from the south such as groping, pinching, extreme close-ups were there, the series looks barren probably because of the blur on the private parts.

The series seems like a normal homemade video and recommend you not to watch it.


Village Brothers – Hot Tamil Web Series

Village brothers is an erotic comedy from Jollu App. It is about 2 brothers who fall for the same girl and besides moving away or making sacrifices, they keep loving the same girl. The situation got worse when their father saw all the 3 in bed together making love.

While it sounds absurd, the series took the comical route and make sure it is laughable than intense and erotic. I recommend you to watch Village Brothers as you love the story and its plotting. This is sort of out-of-the-box content that the Indian skinemax industry needs.


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