You are currently viewing Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend Watch Online For Afreen Khan

Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend Watch Online For Afreen Khan

Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend Watch Online For Afreen Khan

Big M Zoo (Big Movie Zoo) has unleashed another exotic thriller today titled Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend. Well, to be honest, even I have a problem with the title. It just doesn’t sound worth looking but the content inside is quite appealing.

Long story short, the miniseries featured 3 leads, and even when the title hints at incest, it actually quite a rom-com with a thrilling twist. It starts with two sisters played by Afreen Khan and Neetu Kohli having their pleasant sister moments together. For instance, they perform the seductive song while rubbing and groping each other.

It turns out they are giving each other lap dance. Quite funny to listen to this. But sisters sort of doing so. Moving on a boyfriend of a girl enters the scene. Suraj Bhardwaj sort of hijacked the scenes the moment he enters the show. After all the whole fight was happening to be with Suraj Bhardwaj’s character in the Asli Sukh.


Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend Cast

Afreen Khan

Neetu Kohli

Suraj Bhardwaj

Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend Review

Even though this is quite an effort, it would be appreciated if Big M Zoo came up with quality content. They can bring quality by hiring good actors who feel comfortable performing steamy and raunchy intimate scenes.

The whole purpose of watching such mini web series and short films is to get a good time while we enjoy ourselves in bed. Sadly, these mediocre content spoiled the mood as they are not even justified as erotica at all.

You can watch Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend on Big M Zoo but I suggest you not watch something just because it is new and just new. We hope we get to see new content with exotic appeal the next time from Big M Zoo creators.

If you are not supposed to do bring excitement on screen, then there’s no reason you are making and no reason we are forced to watch. If you are serious about it then come up with exciting story ideas and impelling scenes that will be memorable in the audience’s head.

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