You are currently viewing HotShots Original Complete List Of Movies Watch Online

HotShots Original Complete List Of Movies Watch Online

HotShots Originals Complete List Of Movies Watch Online

Hotshots Originals is leading its way to becoming the number one channel to produce Indian skinemax content. However, it is tough to gain a wide range of audience as their content are strictly for the young audience.

You got the urge to see some hot Indian soft videos, then you can hover into Hotshots Original and please your pants. Check out the complete list of Hotshots Original web-series yet.

*This list will be updated continuously with the release of every new content.

11. Aisa Bhi Hota Hai

Logline: Two friends talk to each other about their love life.

Year: 2020

Cast: Shweta Nair, Siddhant, Manish

One of them has a lot of girlfriends and the other a Looser. The Looser wants to compete with his friend Rohan. He joined the Friendship club, Rohan warns him about it.


12. Chahat

Logline: A newlywed couple is having a problem with their love life.

Year: 2020

Cast: Ashwini, Samir Chaudhary, Aman Chopra

A newly married happy couple is having trouble with their love life. The husband visits a therapist to determine why he cannot help his wife in bed.


13. Mirror

Logline: A year after their marriage a young couple goes on their second Honeymoon.

Year: 2020

Cast: Suraj Bharadwaj, Simran Kapoor

The couple makes tender, compassionate love all night. The husband then finds the scary secret of his wife when they see themselves in front of the mirror.


14. Move On

Logline: A simple Love story gets complicated when characters started accepting their true love.

Year: 2020

Cast: Sharanya Jit Kaur, Ajay Dhanush, Suraj Bharadwaj, Rekha Mona Sarkar

Rahul has a huge crush on Riya and is friends with her best friend Anjali. He decides to tell Anjali that he is in Love with Riya but got surprised as she loved him. She gets very angry and depressed.


15. Yes I am Hungry

Logline: An unsatisfied husband who wants to get intimate with her wife.

Year: 2020

Cast: Sanket, Gaurav, Alina, Muskan

He shares his problem with his friend and he arranges a hot escort for him in a Hotel room. He is gonna remember this night forever.


16. Do minute

Logline: A girl went to meet her boyfriend but he was laid drunk.

Year: 2020

Cast: Jiya Chaudhari, Aadi Singh, Kamal Kumar, Santosh

A couple planned to meet in a cottage. She arrives in an auto-rickshaw and requests the driver to stay for 2 minutes if anything goes wrong. The boyfriend falls asleep, the girl is disappointed and horny so she started seducing the auto driver.


17. Online Ishq

Logline: A boyfriend’s loyalty is tested by a girl using an Slot Gacor online dating website.

Year: 2020

Cast: Sharanya Jit Kaur

Girl involves her best friend to test her boyfriend’s faithfulness. The boy connects a girl through social media and started dating her. Watch this drama to learn that love should never be judged.


18. Behind The Scene

Logline: An ambitious director wants to shoot an intimate scene with a bunch of dumb actors.

Year: 2020

Cast: Praveen Gurjar, Priyanka Upadhyay, Ajit Jha, Mahak Choudhary, Ashish Singh, Pamit Sony, Tanmayee Dash, Said Khan, Suraj Singh Mass

The director and his crew members are making a feature film. They are having casting errors. Look the fun backstage behind the scenes.


19. Jindagi Jhnd Hai

Logline: A married couple and their tragic love life full of fantasies.

Year: 2020

Cast: Khwahish Matthew, Mohit Kesar, Mohit Mishra, Ashish Soni

The husband had an unhealthy obsession with watching his wife sleep with other men and then get aroused. Her husband leaves her beaten and humiliated.


20. Maid For Each Other

Logline: A man’s affair with his maid turned out as a dark consequence.

Year: 2020

Cast: Revathy Acharya, Gehana Vasisth, Micheal Rana

The man has disturbed relationships with his wife, and he got attracted to his maid. Maid got dangerously obsessed with him along the way.


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