You are currently viewing Rajsi Verma App: Exclusive Content Bhawri Watch Online

Rajsi Verma App: Exclusive Content Bhawri Watch Online

Rajsi Verma App: Exclusive Content Bhawri Watch Online

I remember RGV calling in one of his interviews that creators will be more profitable with their solo app. This is so true and as RGV finally ends up collaborating with SPARK OTT, many actresses ended up launching their official apps. At recent, Rajsi Verma launched the Rajsi Verma app and added exclusive content titled ‘Bhawri’ to watch online for her fans.

Rajsi Verma made a name for herself by featuring in tons of web series and short films for various OTT platforms such as Kooku, Ullu, and many other small emerging OTT platforms. Her collaboration with Director Tan brought some of the beautiful and memorable web series and short films.

Rajsi has her fair share of struggles to be a part of the film industry. However, she got the fortune turned with the rise of OTT content in India. However, coming up with her app can be a big thing for the actress.

Little you know that many actresses have tried launching their app but got no success. Poonam Pandey App is the most popular thing you have heard about but that is banned too. Sherlyn Chopra’s app is banned. Many actresses were part of the ALT Balaji series such as Flora Saini, Anveshi Jain, Simran Kaur, Riya Sen, and so on.

Being an actress and managing the whole App can be tough. Besides, people are more interested to see all different kinds of actors and actresses in such an industry and not just one. Rajsi Verma who used to shy away with intimacy now performs bold scenes easily.

Rasi Verma App: Bhawri Review

Even though we agree on the fact that these scenes are tough to shoot and need a lot of understanding and courage. Watchers keep looking for the moment of hesitation and awkwardness or just a subtle mistake.

For instance, there’s a scene where the actor keeps circling and doodling on Rajsi Verma’s private parts and she maintains the poker face. That brings authenticity and admiration for actresses like Rajsi Verma.

With this, we hope to see Rajsi Verma in many upcoming projects as well.

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