You are currently viewing Ullu Originals: The Last Show Part 2 Watch Online For Shafaq Naaz

Ullu Originals: The Last Show Part 2 Watch Online For Shafaq Naaz

Ullu Originals: The Last Show Part 2 Watch Online

The last show is remaining as the show ended on the cliffhanger promising the second part. Ullu Originals tried to come up with a thriller and drama story which is different from what Ullu Originals is famous for.

If Ullu Originals is the fastest growing OTT platform then it must come up with exciting and diverse stories across genres. This is the reason that Ullu Gold keeps making original content that showcased rich Indian history, taboo topics that weren’t discussed in films, and fictional mysteries like this.

The Last Show Part 2 starts where Part 1 ended. A major portion of part 1 of ‘The Last Show’ was about how theatre got burnt and over cute love story of Tanya played by Annanya Dey. Well, Part 2 of the show is mostly about the courtroom drama and how two big names of the OTT industry fights in the courtroom.

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The Last Show Part 2 Cast

Tarun – Main Lawyer – Nasirr Khan

Nanda – Bansal’s Lawyer – Aman Verma

Shushil Bansal – Raju Kher

Rahul – Rohit Choudhary

Taniya – Annanya Dey

Smriti – Shafaq Naaz

The Last Show Part 2 Review

The Last Show Part 1 is all about the incident and the action it involves. It is all about the consequences of that fire in the theatre. Many people lost their lives and their loved ones. The fight is still on and the courtroom drama depicts this.

Also, there are some raunchy scenes as Ullu Originals don’t want their audience to get bored during the story session. We have seen a raunchy session from Annanya Dey in ‘The Last Show’ part 1. There are a few scenes of Shafaq Naaz in season 2. Shafaq Naaz played the character of Smriti in the show.

We have been introduced to the character in season 1 already. What is more lovable about ‘The Last Show’ Part 2 is the fact that story is linear to avoid complexity. It is smooth and easygoing.

You can watch ‘The Last Show’ part 2 on Ullu Originals.

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