You are currently viewing Digiflix TV: Girls In Big City Web Series Watch Online

Digiflix TV: Girls In Big City Web Series Watch Online

Digiflix TV: Girls In Big City Watch Online

Digiflix TV is a new emerging OTT platform that ties up with KindiBox and created many other original contents as well. One specific TV movie titled ‘Girls In Big City’ gives you the vibe of Four More Shots Please! And Calendar Girls. But it’s just a vibe and nothing else.

Imagine a movie with six popular actresses of the OTT industry and still, you came up with nothing exciting. The same case happened with ‘Girl In Big City’ as the stellar star cast that includes names like Amrita Haldar, Alvirra Rana, and Simran Khan somehow ended up being bogus.

For instance, Four More Shots Please and Calendar Girls have a tight storyline and well-shot scenes. Even though it is just a beginning for Digiflix TV in the OTT steaming competition, we wish to see some good stuff as they came with a promising cast.

Table of Contents

Girls In Big City Cast

Kamya – Amrita Haldar

Payal – Princess Afreena

Sweety – Alvirra Rana

Paroniti – Simran Khan

Mishty – Priyu Chauhan

Dolly – Jhanvi Kale

Girls In Big City Review

You need not worry about the story as ongoing narration clearly explains the cast as they introduced one by one to all the main characters and how they ended up in Mumbai city. Kamya is an actress cum works for sugar daddy, Payal is a straight-up hooker, and Sweety ends up having an illegal drug cartel.

The other 3 just came as strugglers in Mumbai and joined the gang. They meet, discuss the stuff. Even hinted at the intimacy but nothing more. I barely remember watching even the liplock scene in this special TV movie.

To be honest, you can even watch this movie with your parents on the big screen. There’s nothing to get offensive and nothing to get a hard day too. If you know what it means.

Digiflixtv is searching for new content, and they invited filmmakers for collaboration.

Phone: 91-9971299772

Email ID: [email protected]

If you feel you can come up with exciting script ideas, you can contact and contribute.

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