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Everything We Know About Netflix Ray Anthology Series

Everything About Netflix Ray Anthology Series

Netflix has released the trailer of the much-awaited web series Ray and it looks completely bonkers. The major philosophy of this anthology Netflix drama series is people believing that they are Gods. Even the trailer starts with Kay Kay Menon’s monologues narrating humans are no different than Gods.

To my surprise, the theme throughout the trailer is ‘We Are Gods’. And this is an awesome detail that justifies the movie conflict as well.

The anthology drama series is titled ‘Ray’ which is taken from the classic stories of Satyajit Ray. It shows four different stars giving stellar performances in their different stories. I am looking forward to Kay Kay Menon starrer Bahurupiya as it delivers the Joker-ish vibe.

Netflix Ray Trailer Looks Bonkers With ‘We Are Gods’ Theme

Take a detailed look at all these stories separately to see if we are given something to enjoy before the actual release of surprise is still waiting.

1. Forget Me Not starring Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal looks mysterious as a dynamic entrepreneur that he won some awards for his business establishments as well. His mind is hinted to be smart and quick as computers and this leads to his story of feeling superior to others. What his life turns into is the story of Forget Me Not.


2. Spotlight starring Harshvarrdhan Kapoor

Harshvarrdhan Kapoor portrayed the narcissist Actor in the episode titled Spotlight. The story follows his quest to become an actor and the struggle behind it. There’s a dialogue for him that says ‘Tu actor hai bas and wo bhi thik se nahi Karta hai.’


3. Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa starring Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee has the talent to skin any character and he looks fabulous in the getup of famous Shaayar. The major portion of his story goes through the psychological talk between Gajraj Rao and Manoj Bajpayee’s character.


4. Bahurupiya Statting Kay Kay Menon

And Bahurupiya looks mysterious and Joker-ish as there’s a specific scene where Kay Kay Menon looks at the city from his apartment wearing only his tighty-whities and makeup on. I am especially looking forward to his story in the Netflix Anthology web series Ray.


Also, I have seen this ‘We are Gods’ theme like in 3 different trailers. First, the Black Widow, then Deep Water, and now in Ray.

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