Ullu Originals Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Watch Online

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Ullu Originals Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Is Upcoming Series

There is non-stop entertainment from the Ullu Originals. And this is the reason that they have announced another marvelous series the day they released ‘The Last Show Part 2.” This is quite appealing and charming to thing. Madhosh Diaries is the upcoming web series from Ullu Originals.

They have released the short trailer of Madhosh Series that shows its concept about infidelity in the relationship. Surprisingly, the husband and wife both cheat on each other by involving others. It will be unique to see how it turns out also the way and authenticity scenes were shot.

The short synopsis of the trailer reads, “Apne huye paraaye gairon ka hai Sahara, Kya Ishq ki kashti ko milega kinara?”

Madhosh Diaries “Good Wife”. Releasing On 11th June

Ullu keeps their cast details hidden till the show’s release. This time also, all the faces in the Madhosh Diaries Good Wife seem fresh and acting for the first time.

In many ways, Madhosh Diaries is very similar to a popular American show titled ‘Red Shoe Diaries.’ Red Shoe Diaries continued for several seasons and became a cult series filled with erotic storylines. Undoubtedly, Ullu Originals is the only OTT platform that can pull such a thing.

The reason behind such judgment is the fact that they came up with popular ongoing series like ‘Charmsukh’, ‘Palang Tod’, ‘Riti Riwaaz’, and if we count ‘Prabha Ki Diary’ series as well.

Madhosh Series has all the chances to become one of the most sought series on OTT platforms. However, the concept of infidelity in a relationship, good wife, bad wife seems a little cliché. There’s a perfect chance for Ullu Originals to come up with exciting storylines in ‘Madhosh series.’

Madhosh Series’ first episode ‘Good Wife’ is releasing on 11th June 2021.

You can watch online Madhosh Diaries on Ullu Originals.

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