You are currently viewing Cine 7: Dark Mischief Web Series Watch Online For Palak Singh

Cine 7: Dark Mischief Web Series Watch Online For Palak Singh

Cine 7: Dark Mischief Web Series Watch Online For Palak Singh

Another day, another OTT platform. Cine 7 brought quality content exclusively to watch online on their streaming platform. The new web series titled ‘Dark Mischief’ shows a twisted case of infidelity in the relationship.

The stellar cast includes Palak Singh, Kavya Keeran, and Vikram Bham in the lead role. Surprisingly the whole web series include only these 3 faces and some B-roll shot of Goa beach now and then.

The series starts with the wide aerial shots of Goa and its beautiful beaches cut to a woman jogging on the empty road. She stopped at the old building and a man who jogged his way to the building to bond well by exchanging drinks and other things.

The scene ends and we see the boy is married and enjoying a happily married life with his gorgeous wife. There are a few shots of couples having their moments around the house and we cut to see the infidelity as the girl who was jogging is a photographer and the man is her model for the photoshoot.

This leads to flirting, and from one thing to another they end up kissing each other and having more than that too. For instance, the intimate scenes in the film took almost the last 20 minutes of the show.

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Dark Mischief Cast

Palak Singh

Kavya Keeran

Vikram Bham

Dark Mischief Story And Review

There are two ways to review the whole Dark Mischief series. First, the script and performance… the dialogues and blocking part is just fine as many other platforms give. The intimate sequences are pretty groovy and appealing at first glance.

In one special scene where they reach ecstasy and fall on the bed, Palak Singh asked Vikram to hook his innerwear. They heard the knock on the door and Palak went on to open the gate. The screen fades to black and we left on the cliffhanger.

Dark Mischief watches online on Cine 7.

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