You are currently viewing How Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Is Different From Other Ullu Web Series

How Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Is Different From Other Ullu Web Series

How Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Is Different From Other Ullu Web Series

Since most of the Ullu Web Series are tilted in the same way, it is difficult to differentiate one from another. I bet, you are having the same problem differentiating. I mean cmon… how Charmsukh is different from Palang Tod, and how Riti Riwaaz is different from Prabhaa Ki Diary?

The answer is, despite all the series shows the same thing, they have huge and wide diversified areas. Charmsukh is a story about fantasies and momentary pleasures. Palang Tod is a story about intense love affairs, Riti Riwaaz shows the customs and taboos of Indian society, and Prabhaa Ki Diary just escalates the women’s drive in bed.

Everything We Know About Ullu Web Series Madhosh Diaries

Madhosh Diaries is the upcoming web series from Ullu Originals in the same vein as Charmsukh and Palang Tod. Madhosh Diaries’ first episode will be Good Wife that shows infidelity in the relationship. The short 1-minute teaser shows a Gujarati husband cheat on his wife. At the same time, the wife is also cheating on her husband with another man.

There’s no information on the runtime of the Madhosh Diaries Good wife. Also, the Madhosh Diaries cast has not been announced yet. But the good thing is the fact that fans don’t have to wait longer for the series.

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Madhosh Diary Good Wife Cast

Hiral Shah (Raashi),

Mitesh Shah (Jignesh),

Riddhima Tiwari (Shobha) ,

Raja Aamir Khan (Chaman)

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife is releasing on 11th June 2021

We have seen versions of stories in the Ullu Web Series itself about the cheating wife and infidelity in the relationship. In many ways, Madhosh Diaries seems like a copy of a famous show titled ‘Red Shoe Diaries.’ If this is true anyhow we are going to see some of the best romantic scenes ever shot for any OTT platform movies and special videos ever.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Madhosh Series Good wife as they are very disappointed the way Ullu Web Series ‘The Last Show’ ended. Seriously, there were no intimate scenes in ‘The Last Show Part 2’. This is absurd considering that Ullu Originals are making fortune for themselves by showing such content on regular basis.

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We hope fans loved ‘Madhosh Series Good Wife’. Also, Ullu Originals should change the way they show credit scenes. It is pretty similar to the ‘Prabha Ki Diary’ opening credit scene.

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