You are currently viewing Jollu App: Mr. Feminist Web Series Complete Watch Online

Jollu App: Mr. Feminist Web Series Complete Watch Online

Jollu App: Mr. Feminist Web Series Complete Watch Online

Jollu App from South India keeps bringing humorous content. Mr. Feminist is a perfect web series with an accurate dash of eroticism to please the audience in the best way possible. Mr. Feminist’s web series is available to watch online on Jollu App.

It has the sensational and eye-pleasing chemistry of Darshan and Durga who are fabulous in the main lead. The series starts with Darshan doing some stretching journalism on the streets asking people about their opinion of women, feminism, and other related topics.

He went on to confront his girlfriend played by Durga in the scene and end up having a romantic session. Awkwardly after the session, Durga asked for a bizarre favor from Darshan to spice up their romantic relationship.

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Mr. Feminist Cast

Darshan in a dynamic role.

Durga in a dynamic role

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Mr. Feminist Web Series Story And Review

Thinking that feminism is on the rise and everyone talking about it, Jollu App found a way to content it most humorously.

Durga’s favor from her boyfriend is to bring the third guy into the relationship and form a trouple. At first, Darshan reacted in a typical way but later do it anyway. The final scene of the series showed three people in the bed sleeping with satisfaction on their faces.

I always love when concepts are introduced in such comical ways. And Jollu App is undoubtedly getting lots of recognition by coming up with such tremendous ideas for their short films and movies and web series.

With this say, you should invest you 40 minutes in the new titled ‘Mr. Feminist’ and watch online on Jollu App. There’s a lot more to come in terms of content from the Jollu App. Subscribe to the app for regular videos on out-of-the-box content.

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