Kooku Web Series Socketwali Watch Online For Rom-Com

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Kooku Web Series Socketwali Watch Online For Rom-Com

It has been a long time since Kooku App announced any web series. Well, the wait is over as the upcoming web series from Kooku App is titled ‘Socketwali’ and it is going to be a rom-com. Again you can watch the online Socketwali web series on the Kooku app by paying a small subscription amount.

Socletwali cast is not announced yet but soon it will be revealing. Sources say Kooku App tries to come up with fresh faces for their short films and web series.

The recently released comical trailer is filled with double-meaning dialogues where women’s crotch is compared to the socket. The husband talks on the phone about the requirement of a socket from the popular website ‘Socketwali.com’.

He pointed that the website is growing as they give one-day delivery. Later, the wife knew the true meaning of the socket website and instead of confronting her husband, she decides to be an escort for Socketwali.com.

She meets the member and organizer and joined the website.

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Socketwali Web Series Cast

Priyanka Biswas,


Abhishek Roy,

Deep Singh,

Pallavi Roy,

Md. Habib,

Santu Das

What New From Kooku Socketwali Web Series 

Talking about the fresh content in the erotica is sort of vague. Because every movie or web series you ever see end up at the two-person/three-person exploring each other at the end. However, makers try their best to come up with exciting story ideas and unique plots.

Since the cast is fresh, you get to yearn for some future celebrities while watching their performances. Also, you can expect lots of intimacy as new actors are always ready to do what the script demands without any hesitation at all.

There’s one significant scene in the trailer where a man is watching sitting on the edge of the bed while his friend is hooking up with the socketwali. It gave some wild fantasies new rise as this special series from Kooku App is going to be a better one just like the Chicken Curry series.

Kooku Socketwali Web Series is releasing on 13th June 2021.

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