Loki Episode 1 Breakdown, Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

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Loki Episode 1 Breakdown, Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

The much talked and most awaited show finally landed on Disney plus today and it is filled with tons of details and Easter Eggs besides the impactful storylines and powerful performances. Kevin Feige had already said that the Loki series is pretty moving. It actually is.

Here, take a look at the detailed Loki Episode 1 breakdown, Marvel Easter Eggs, and many other things that you missed or didn’t understand.

1. Many graphic Novels Storylines

Without any spoilers of Loki Episode 2, it can be said that the Loki series is based on 3 different storylines from Loki comics. These 3 comics are.

Vote Loki, Cowboy Loki, and Agent Of Asgard

Also, The Agent Of Asgard comics plays a major role as the show focuses on the redemption of the character from all of his bad deeds throughout his Marvel Cinematic Universe journey.


2. Another Agency – TVA

Marvel has introduced many agencies with its movies and shows. S.H.I.E.L.D and S.W.O.R.D are well-known agencies. T.V.A (Time Variance Authority) is the high places somewhere in the space that maintains the sacred flow of time.


3. Secret Character Mobius – Appeared in fantastic 4, thor, and She-Hulk

Mobius is a secretive character. There aren’t many mentions of him in comic books. Even in the movie, we heard about Mobius first time in ‘Avengers Endgame’. The Character Mobius used to be a high-rank official in the timekeeper office but demoted after the Fantastic Four incidents.


4. Green Marvel Logo

The Marvel Logo turned metallic green to pay homage to God of Mischief Loki. Marvel now does it quite often and for all the characters. Remember the purple color of the Marvel Studios logo for Agatha Harkness.


5. Metaphor used as a bug and bubble

Just after the logo reveals, we see a shot of a water bubble in the desert showing the reflection of a bug passing by. It might be the metaphor used to depict how the bubble is gonna burst and we will see the expanded universe into a big picture.


6. Arc Redemption poetry similar to Tony Stark

The shot of Tony Stark’s first fly as Iron Man and Loki escape with Tesseract seems identical. The shot is quite similar and movie buffs are looking at it as poetry to understand how Loki’s character arc is going to take a 180-degree turn.


7. Scrull And Plotting Secret Invasion

Scrulls are everywhere and Marvel maintains the continuity by plotting scrulls in the TVA authority as well. We have seen Skrulls in Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and already know about the Samuel L. Jackson series ‘Secret Invasion.


8. Miss Minute

Famous Voice actor Tara Strong is the iconic Miss Minute of TVA head-quarter. She narrated the long animation video and spoke out the rules and guidelines of TVA.


9. History of Multiverse war

A long animation video was used to depict the formation of TVA and what it does. Marvel narrated the history of the Multiverse war and how timekeepers came forward to maintain the sacred timeline. Also, explain what do they do if someone alters the timeline.


10. A Loki Variant in 1549

With every shot of bureaucracy of timekeepers in TVA headquarters, we switch to see the France of 1549 and how someone attacking the minute men. They confronted a child with blue gums who pointed a finger to a Devil painted in the glass.

11. Mafisto confirmed

We haven’t heard big villains after Thanos in the MCU and two big contenders are Mefisto and Nightmare. Since there is a clear picture of the Devil who is supposed to behind all the problems, we should at least consider the existence of Mefisto.


12. Stan Lee

Marvel is quite creative when they place Stan Lee in the movies after his demise. They used magazine issues in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. And There’s a huge wall painting that depicts Stan Lee’s face among others.


13. Nightmare

Even the little announcement makes a big revelation and thus we keep thinking about Nightmare. There’s a dialogue when Loki said ‘This place is Nightmare’. It might be the hint that Nightmare is about to make an entry in the MCU.

14. Josta Energy Drink from Pepsi

In a particular scene, Mobius is seen sipping Josta energy drink. Well, it also has a sort of history of its own. Josta Energy Drink was manufactured by Pepsi. They stopped making Josta Energy drinks.


15. D.B. Cooper Prank

While there’s an ongoing debate about D.B. Cooper Loki Variant, it turned out as a Marvel Joke. Loki explained that he lost a bet to Thor and he had to do so. Here, Marvel solved the ongoing mystery of the D.B. Cooper plane hijack.


16. Loki Accuse Avengers

In the special scene where Loki was accused of creating an alternate timeline, he blamed Avengers. He said Avengers alter the timeline to stop him and he managed to escape. Here, the timekeeper cleared that what Avengers did was their destiny but Loki’s escape was not part of the plan.

17. IBM Typewriters and Infinity stones paperweight

When Loki escapes from his interrogation with Mobius, he threatens Casey to get the Tesseract only to find that infinity stones are too powerless in the TVA. Casey explains that infinity stones are used as a paperweight. Surprisingly, you can also notice some IBM typewriters in the office.

18. Different reaction and possibility to change

Just like Thanos, Loki saw his death in the future and he has a completely different reaction. Loki was afraid and willing to change from that very moment. Marvel intends to paint the Loki in a different color with the show.

19. Loki variant 1858

We got the first appearance of Lady Loki as she attacked the Minute Men in 1858. Before that scene, Mobius explained to Loki the fact that his variants are causing chaos across the multiverse.

20. Stole the Temporal Charge

The first episode ends when Loki Variant stole the Temporal Charge. The temporal charge is used to erase the variants, and Loki stealing it means that Loki is going to kill all the Loki in the Multiverse.

Stay tuned to get more details from the show. And keep waiting for the release of Episode 2.

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