You are currently viewing Loki Review: Loki First Episode Is A Treat For Fans

Loki Review: Loki First Episode Is A Treat For Fans

Loki Review: Loki First Episode Is A Treat For Fans

Loki Series centered on Tom Hiddleston’s devilishly charismatic villain pave the way for many upcoming shows and movies from Marvel Universe. And this makes the Loki Series an important Marvel Series besides fans are lurking for the show because of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s television intro got a mixed response. WandaVision raised the bar high with its creative choices of showing classic sitcoms while ‘The Falcon And Winter Soldier’ was considered fan-pleasing on the surface. Critics find the show too conventional and poorly executed.

The first two episodes of the Loki Series suggest a wonderfully written script fill with all the dazzling weird ideas that are possible in the MCU timeline.

The series starts with the events of Avengers: Endgame where past Loki managed to teleport away himself from captivity benefitting from the time-travel shenanigans. However, his successful escape was countered by Time Variance Authority (TVA), a bureaucratic agency keeping tabs on the ‘sacred timeline’.

As a Marvel fan, you understand everything about everything. In case you don’t understand the concept of Loki and TVA then think the Time Lords from Doctor Who crossover with the daily drudgery of Mad Men.

Loki Series Plot Explained In One Paragraph

This Loki is not the same Loki killed by Thanos in Infinity War, this is the younger version of Loki from 2012’s The Avengers – which has been identified as a ‘variant’ by the TVA officers. It means, the variant Loki must not exist as he is a product of an alternate timeline. The TVA does not allow alternate timelines and Loki must be erased from history.

In the early scenes of the Loki series, Loki is being processed through the TVA’s bureaucracy, full of bored yet powerful office workers. The show is capable to hook you in just 15 minutes of runtime with its delightfully absurdist tone and rhythm.

Let’s agree to the part as Loki’s character is nothing without the man himself. Tom Hiddleston uplifted the character with his devilishly charismatic charm. In the Marvel movies, Loki went through his redemption arc proving that he was just doing what should be intended to become History.

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Loki Series Review

Even Marvel gave tons of explanations for all the Loki bad deeds to make the character just and likable for the audience. He mended his relationship with his brother Thor. But this Loki, who is the protagonist of the Loki series is stuck firm as a pompous villain mode. This Loki is narcissistic, obnoxious, and nakedly fascist.

Well, he is in the custody of TVA, an organization so powerful that its workers use infinity stones as paperweights. This screen dynamic made the love popular before even its release.

Take a look at modern shows, Villains starring as the protagonists of their own stories became the trend. Even the screenwriters are bound to show Villain’s perspective too in the movie. For the sake of the audience, all the characters must be grey, even the villains.

Apart from making the Loki series as a crime thriller across the multiverse, it is also exploring the buddy cop mystery genre as Owen Wilson’s Mobius is a strong character in the show. The screen chemistry of Mobius and Loki became more prominent in the second episode where the show transitions from action comedy to a buddy cop mystery.

Not as spoilers but the ending of episode two is fairly shocking and ends up storming the tons of fanfictions and crazy theories all over the internet.

It is, in many ways, the Marvel show that fans have been waiting for. The Loki series first episode is available to watch online on Disney+. The detailed Loki Review and Loki Easter eggs are coming soon.

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