You are currently viewing ‘The Married Woman’ Season 2: Ridhi Dogra And Monica Dogra Returns

‘The Married Woman’ Season 2: Ridhi Dogra And Monica Dogra Returns

‘The Married Woman’ Season 2: Ridhi Dogra And Monica Dogra Returns

Ekta Kapoor has celebrated her birthday in a very Producer-ry style as she announced two major ALT Balaji upcoming projects. The first project titled ‘The Queens of Chambal’ is a major women-centric project on her streaming service ALTBalaji, and the second one is a continuation of the successful show ‘The Married Woman’ season 2.

Okay, the first one, ‘The Queens of Chambal’ revolves around two ladies who control Chambal who happen to be a patriarchal kingdom. And we all are aware of the buzz and success of ‘The Married Woman’

Monica Dogra is not kissing a girl for the first time, as she has a dramatic song sequence with Anushka Manchanda 4 years ago for the same gender love and relationship. It was the first time for Ridhi Dogra who made her name and fan following by working in Indian soap operas.

The Married Woman season 2 announcement

It is expected that ‘The Married Woman 2’ will surely give the thing that is missing in the first season. It’s the chemistry between lead actresses Monica Dogra and Ridhi Dogra. All of their intimate moments fall flat and makers will also consider this in the second season.

The Married Woman 2 cast includes Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, and Suhaas Ahuja reprising their roles as Aastha, Peeplika, and Hemant. A press conference was organized for the announcement regarding the release of The Married Woman season 2.

The renewal of the second season has been announced during International Pride Month, and it made the big publicity also. Of course, the good publicity as LGBTQIA+ community is more than happy to hear the announcement of ‘The Married Woman 2’.

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During the announcement conference, actors talk about their characters and how they want them to get portrayed in season 2. Ridhi Dogra wanted her character to be in Paris. Later, adding layers to her story arc, she continued, “Hemant will follow her in Paris but the show opens with the Paris vibes and with Aashta’s character.”

While Monica Dogra talked about the reunion of Aashta and Peeplika in the second season. It was Suhaas Ahuja who narrated a little of ‘The Married Woman 2’ story. He continued with the Paris fiasco and added, “Aastha is in Paris and she completely adapts the Peeplika lifestyle while Hemant falls for Peeplika and married her and tamed her to be a typical Indian wife.” It does sound like a story though.

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The Married Woman season 2 release date has not been announced yet but is expected to be sometime next year.

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