You are currently viewing Cineprime ‘Favorite Chai’ Watch Online For Manvi Shrivastav

Cineprime ‘Favorite Chai’ Watch Online For Manvi Shrivastav

Cineprime ‘Favorite Chai’ Watch Online For Manvi Shrivastav

For months Indian skinemax industry is losing its content base and keeps providing bogus erotica in the name of content. Thankfully, it stopped now because Cineprime and ‘Favorite Chai’ short film came as a breath of fresh air.

Favorite Chai stars Manvi Shrivastav as a famous writer and she tripped herself with a perfect cup of coffee one morning and meet her ex-boyfriend Yug. The whole 17-minutes is a sort of discussion between what’s good and what’s not.

There are a few points that touch your heart if you give time to melt this story deep into your heart. Manvi asked for the second button of the shirt from her ex-boyfriend giving the reason that the button is closest to her heart.

The scripting, performance, and sleek choreography are the heart of the show. You should watch Favorite Chai for a change as people go bored after watching series of chick-flick and steamy shows. This short romantic tale is intriguing and loved for its appealing presentation.

Table of Contents

Favorite Chai cast

Yug – Khushwant Walia

Gayatri – Manvi Shrivastav

Roshni – Smita Kadam

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Favorite Chai Story and Review

As stated above, it came as a breath of fresh air, plus the music and sleek choreography made it a wonderful watching experience. It also reminds me of various short romantic films on YouTube. One of the most-watched is also about Chai and Barish and Namita Dubey featured in it.

Well, the YouTube video is all about a couple who moved on a different path and thinking of what went wrong. This story from Cineprime deep dive into the romantic tale of a writer coming up with a good story themed around two lovers or people who used to be in love.

The short film is produced by Perfect Octave Pvt Ltd. Recently, Perfect Octave Pvt Ltd. Announced filmmakers to come up with a good script and they are willing to invest in the filmmaking projects.

Perfect Octave Pvt Ltd. – [email protected]

Contact for raising funds for your independent films.

Also, “Favorite Chai” is available on cine prime to watch online.

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