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Rabbit Original Fantasy Watch Online 

Rabbit Original Fantasy Watch Online 

After having a series of bad Cinemax content, Rabbit Original back with another lot of web series and short movies. Surprisingly, these movies and web series seem watchable and binge-able as their trailer are quite picky and top-notch. They have released “I hate You” lastly and it got good reviews from fans.

A short trailer issued from Rabbit Original about Fantasy depicts the concept of playful couples who talk about fantasies. They both guess their wild fantasies and agreed to satisfy their better half.

Rabbit Original are famous for making their scenes luscious and we all are waiting for the release. In one of the dialogues from the trailer, the girl says, “Maine Tumhari fantasy puri ki, ab tum meri Karo.” It can be said that the major portion of the series will show dry foreplay and other cuddly stuff couples usually do for the sake of love.

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Rabbit Original Fantasy. Releasing On 11th June

The Rabbit Original “Fantasy” cast includes some of the fresh faces. These are either lesser-known actors in the industry or making their big debut in the series titled “Fantasy.”

Rabbit Original got a mixed review for its content from fans. Many web series from Rabbit Originals were liked by fans while many web series were nothing but crap of drafts. For instance, the last release “I hate You” was loved by fans while “Mittho Bhabhi” was hated for its redundancy.

The newly set OTT platform Rabbit Originals has the potential but rarely they came up with a good script and well shot and executed scenes. However, this web series looks nice and appealing.

If the “Fantasy web series from Rabbit Original trends, it ends up having one of the most liked web series from the Skinemax industry. The show must go on and good content must be coming to the audience no matter what. Rabbit Originals should be exploring more fantasies.

Rabbit Original’ web series ‘Fantasy’ is releasing on 11th June 2021.

You can watch online Fantasy on Rabbit Original.

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