You are currently viewing Aha Videos ING Web Series (In The Name Of God) Watch Online

Aha Videos ING Web Series (In The Name Of God) Watch Online

Aha Videos ING Web Series (In The Name Of God) Watch Online

The trailer of Aha Video’s latest web series, ING – In the Name of God is making everyone drool for the release of the web series sooner. It starts with a narration of Priyadarshi and the way Saithan and God draw an analogy about lust turning them into a monster and make them do unexpected things.

The trailer also hinted at dangerous things like Greed, beauty, Love, Lust, and many other things that allure sane men and make them go to unexpected lengths to achieve it. Only the Gods and creators of the show know what the series is going to be.

However, fans pointed that this special series titled “ING – In The Name Of God” is the boldest web series from Telugu Industry. Also, the extended trailer says the same story, as creators took a different route to say their story this time.

It is good to see that Aha Originals is giving platforms to such spicy products too. The one-minute teaser does not divulge the story but is a compilation of various shots reflecting the three qualities – greed, lust, and vengeance.

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Aha Video’s ING Is Boldest Web Series Ever in Telugu

Many shots in the trailer are visually stunning and impressive. However, the major portion of the trailer is filled with graphic intimacy and luscious scenes that makes the fan believing in getting the boldest web series in Telugu.

The web series is like a complete makeover of Priyadarshi away from his comedy actor image. Nandini Rai looks attractive in a very appealing way and she looks like making an impression on the OTT industry with this.

Posani Krishna Murali at his full potential is an advantage to every project he is in. The background score and the visuals are of great quality. It looks like Aha Video has a winner in hand. And also fans are going to get a decent web series to remember for a long time.

Vidyasagar Muthukumar has written and directed ING while Senior Tamil Director Suresh Krishna (Baasha fame) is presenting it.

ING premieres on June 18th. You can watch online ING Web Series on Aha Originals.

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