You are currently viewing Cineprime Puddan Watch Online For A Fun Ride

Cineprime Puddan Watch Online For A Fun Ride

Cineprime Puddan Watch Online For A Fun Ride

Cineprime is creating a huge stir with its upcoming release titled ‘Puddan’. For instance, they have released two trailers to promote the web series on YouTube and other social media forums. So what’s special in the Puddan series?

The answer is its setting. Cineprime Puddan in many ways reminds the local stories of the village we have seen many times in ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat. Also, the cinematography and scenes are shot properly which kind of gives the feel of one of the most erotic Indian web series ‘Mastram.’

Probably this is the reason that Cineprime owners are trying to make a home run in this OTT streaming league. Cineprime already created a fan base by providing story-driven creative content with the stint of Indian erotica as well.

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Puddan Web Series Watch Online, Only On Cineprime App.

The short trailer on YouTube got a good response from fans and many even commented to release it as soon as possible. The trailers do look promising and have created enough hype for the series. Especially with the dialogues like, “Jo aankh uthakar dekhti bhi nahi hai, wo taang Utha kar De Kaise” and “Mangal par to chad Jayenge lekin ye jaanna padega ki Iss Mangal me daag kahaa par hai.”

The story of Puddan revolves around the local Casanova who claims to sleep with any woman in his village. Everyone in the village retold themselves the story of Puddan countless times and this makes the story more gripping because the new Bhabhi in the town has no interest in Puddan at all.

We will shortly give you a detailed review but you better watch and appreciate the content on your own. In the meantime, we are also trying our best to come up with original story ideas to entertain you.

EkSukoon Originals are on their way now.

Puddan web series watch online on Cineprime. For more information, drop the query in the comment box. We love to hear from you.

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