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Mahi Kamla Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Mahi Kamla Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Mahi Kamla is getting everyone’s attention with her bold performances in the web series. Ullu Originals is a hot point on OTT platforms which has given stardom to many actresses. These actresses were doing minor supporting roles in TV series and movies.

Now, the dynamics are changed completely. These actresses are more popular than TV soap opera actresses. Stars like Mahi Kamla have fans across the globe. For instance, she has a separate fan base on Reddit where fans keep sharing photos, videos, and memes related to Mahi Kamla.

Before we go deep into Mahi Kamla’s professional profile and her movies and web series. Remember that Mahi Kamla and Mahi Kaur are two different actresses who happened to work in the various web series from Ullu Originals.

Mahi Kamla Movies And Web series

Pehredar Piya Ki (Sony TV)

Mahi Kamla’s first introduction was in the controversial TV series ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’. The show went off-air after a couple of episodes run. It shows the love chemistry of a young 9-years-old boy with an 18-years-old woman.


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Kabir Singh (Netflix)

She was also seen in Shahid Kapoor’s blockbuster movie ‘Kabir Singh’. Her role is limited but she is quite noticeable in the movie.


Charmsukh Promotion (Ullu Original)

Mahi was also featured in one of the best episodes of the Ullu Charmsukh web series. She was in the episode titled ‘Promotion’.


Riti Riwaz Pinjara (Ullu Original)

Riti Riwaz is a must-watch web series from Ullu Original and Pinjara is the most appealing episode from the Riti Riwaz series. It has impactful intimate scenes shot between Mishti Basu and Mahi Kaur.


Rupay 500 (Ullu Original)

And finally, the recently released Rupay 500 has many graphic scenes from all the actresses. While many want to see Pihu Singh in her sensation maid look again. Many fans are still rooting to see Mahi unleased.


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Do mention if we forget to add any other Mahi Kamla web series to the list.

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