You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series Rupay 500 All Episodes Watch Online For Pihu Singh

Ullu Web Series Rupay 500 All Episodes Watch Online For Pihu Singh

Ullu Web Series Rupay 500 All Episodes Watch Online

To be honest, this is an appreciation post to Ullu Original and its much-awaited web series titled “Rupay 500”. The series is filled with luscious scenes, graphic representation, and a stunning admirable cast. Mahi Kamla is returning in the Ullu Web Series after her boldest ever performance in Riti Riwaz “Pinjara” series.

The web series is a sensational tale of the shifting profession of a housemaid into a local prostitute. While the concept is bold and tricky to execute, Ullu Originals makers decided to show it in a raunchy fun-loving way with their 3 bold actresses.

This is the reason Ullu Originals is famous and has become the fastest-growing Indian OTT platform. Previously, it came up with a blend of erotica and good concepts in web series like Halala, Breast Tax, Paro, and many others.

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Ullu Originals Rupay 500 Cast

Many people search for the cast of the Ullu web series Rupay 500. Even the Ullu App didn’t release the cast information before release the web series. Even though the web series to about to release in no time, we do have “Rupay 500 Cast” information here.

The web series featured 3 stunning actresses Ullu Original has worked within previous movies and web series.

Pihu Singh

Pihu Singh is one of the big searches after her spectacular performance in the Palang Tod episode with Rekha Mona Sarkar.

She got another opportunity with Ullu Originals in Rupay 500. And, the big news is that Pihu Singh is sort of lead in the web series as it is her journey and her transformation from maid to prostitute.

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Mahi Kamla

For the fans, you must know that Mahi Kamla and Mahi Kaur are two different actresses who happen to work in many Ullu Web Series.

Mahi Kaur featured in “Palang Tod special episode titled ‘Gaon Ki Garmi’”. Mahi Kamla made a name for herself with her top-notch lesbian scene with Mishti Basu in Riti Riwaz Pinjara.

Muskan Agrawal

Muskan Agrawal featured in the Palang Tod episode “Bekaboo Dil”. In addition to this, Muskan Agrawal has a much talked lesbian scene with Jinnie Jazz in the Ullu web series “Aate Ki Chakki”.

We are going to something raunchy and trendy in the “Rupay 500” web series. All the 3 actresses who are popular on OTT platforms are coming together in one web series.

Rupay 500 web series is available to watch online on Ullu App. All episodes of Ullu Rupay 500 will be released on 15th June 2021.

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