Netflix Skater Girl Review – Heavily Clichéd But A Feel-Good Movie

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Netflix Skater Girl Review – Heavily Clichéd But A Feel-Good Movie

The story of Skater Girl revolves around Prerna, a young girl living in a backward village in Rajasthan. The Khempur village has all the shortcomings of a typical backward village. The most serious of these shortcomings include illiteracy, patriarchy, child marriage, and the caste system.

In the film, the way men in a family deal with girls and women in the family are particularly abhorring. Prerna is just one among countless other village girls who have to unnecessarily suffer due to the irrationality of their society and parents.

Fortunately, to save the day Jessica, an Englishwoman enters the situation. Jessica succeeds in bringing a sort of revolution to the village by introducing the girls and boys to the exciting sport of skateboarding.

Prerna who had always felt oppressed and weak due to her ultra-orthodox surroundings finally becomes able to experience liberation and empowerment.

The film uses tropes and clichés that have already been used umpteenth times including triumph-of-the-underdog, fighting-the-odds-and-coming-good, and many other tropes just like these. But the interesting thing about these tropes and clichés is that they almost always work.

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It seems no matter how much we see these same tropes over and over again, we never get tired of them. There is something in these overused tropes that always resonates with the public mind, Skater Girl is no exception to this rule.

No matter how much Skater girl is laden with overused tropes, it succeeds in evoking many positive feelings like hope, faith, positivity, and empathy. On account of producing positive feelings in the viewer, I think, the film can be excused for using too many overused clichés.

Skater Girl is essentially a feel-good movie, but it’s not only that. Besides being a feel-good movie, Skater Girl lays bares the evils of irrationality that plagues most of the rural villages in India. The film shows how irrationality is plaguing the rural villages of India like Khempur in the form of child marriage, illiteracy and caste system.

In one scene of the film, a father tells his children to not play with “chhoti jaati’ kids. The film does not tackle these grave issues, instead, it largely focuses on the liberation of only one village girl Prerna. For these reasons, the film is not very serious and somewhat light-hearted.

Khempur the village in the film might be fictional, but sadly the description of most villages of India can be easily matched with the description of Khempur.

Rachel Saanchita Gupta and Shafin Patel’s performances are the highlights of the film. If you don’t like light-hearted and overused tropes and clichés, then probably the film is not for you. The film could be recommended as a one-time watch.

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