You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series Rupaya 500 Watch Online For Muskan Agrawal

Ullu Web Series Rupaya 500 Watch Online For Muskan Agrawal

Ullu Web Series Rupaya 500 Watch Online All Episodes For Muskan Agrawal

This is a correction post as many other bloggers we also took it wrong and went on with rumors. We were quite right about a few things about Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500” but still, we got many things wrong. Now, with the facts, we can redeem our mistake and provide you informative article.

Rupaya 500 is a stunning web series from Ullu Originals. But the star cast of the web series is slightly different. More than that, people were constantly stating the web series name wrong too. Well, the mistake is from Ullu Originals itself as they decided to change the name in the officially released episodes.

Rupaya 500 cast

Muskan Agrawal as Ranju – The maid is brilliantly performed by Muskan Agrawal. She took the character so intensely that you felt awkward to see the comparison between her usual pics and this special maid look. She is in the lead as the web series “Rupaya 500” portrays her journey and professional change.

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Mahi Kaur as Lata

Part 1 of “Rupaya 500” barely had any scenes of Mahi Kaur. She plays the character of the head prostitute. It is an important character and her demeanor is quite captivating in the whole series. Part 2 of the series is going to be the Mahi Kaur special.

Mahi Nagpal as Kiran

Mahi Kamla changed her surname to Nagpal. Mahi has also done a fabulous job as a caring yet dominating wife in the web series. I especially loved every scene she shared while jogging, with her husband, or giving a thought about her marriage alone.

Aklavya Chaudhary as Jay

Aklavya was brilliant as Jay throughout the series. The final scene will tear you in half. Playing gray and thrust character is never easy and thus Aklavya Chaudhary should be appreciated.

In the end, the whole story is focused on housemaid Ranju and thus, Muskan Agrawal deserves an applaud for her commendable performance.

Rupaya 500 Part 2 will be releasing soon. Like within this week.

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