You are currently viewing 7 Actresses Popular For Featuring In Ullu Charmsukh Series

7 Actresses Popular For Featuring In Ullu Charmsukh Series

7 Actresses Popular For Featuring In Ullu Charmsukh Series

Charmsukh is a widely acclaimed web series from Ullu Originals. The major reason for its popularity is its quirky content mixed with bedroom fantasies and other details. The show has already released more than 30 episodes and continues with the ideas.

Later, Ullu Web Series came up with many other web series ideas similar to Charmsukh. They have launched the Palang Tod series, Prabha Ki Diary Series, Madhosh Diaries series, and many more. For instance, the concept of Charmsukh is copied from the Hollywood series ‘Red Riding Shoes’ and ALT Balaji’s notoriously famous “Gandii Baat.”

1. Jinnie Jazz – Jaane Anjaane Main series

Jinnie Jazz became the most popular actress only because of the Jaane Anjaane Main series. The single episode of Jaane Anjaane Main got many views and Charmsukh keeps making more and more of Jinnie Jazz starrer shows in the Charmsukh series.


2. Sneha Paul – Chawl House

Sneha Paul came out of nowhere and became a sensation overnight with her performance in the Charmsukh Chawl House episode. Fans keep demanding to bring her back for many other episodes or other Ullu Originals web series.


3. Muskan Agrawal – Aate Ki Chakki

Muskan Agrawal has been part of many Ullu web series from Charmsukh to Palang Tod. Recently she was featured in the Ullu mini-series titled “Rupaya 500” series. She is now at the brink of her popularity.


4. Mishti Basu – Salahkaar

Mishti Basu also made a name for herself by constantly appearing in the number of web series from various OTT platforms. She was in the part of Riti Riwaz web series and later Ullu Original casts her in the Charmsukh episode titled “Salahkaar”.


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5. Rajsi Verma – Mother And Daughter

Rajsi Verma now owns an app filled with her original content. The actress is extremely popular among OTT fans. She also makes sure to bring something new for her fans. She featured in the very first episode of the Charmsukh series.


6. Nidhi Mahavan – Behrupiya

Nidhi Mahavan is one of the most sought actresses who keep getting work from Various OTT platforms. She was first featured in the Charmsukh episode titled “Behrupiya”. Recently she was in news headlines for her extreme intimate scenes in the web series “Lovely Massage Parlor”.


7. Ira Soni – Sauda

Ira Soni is a famous TV celebrity before she started her new innings in the bold OTT industry. There are many actresses such as Pooja Joshi, Shiny Dixit, and others who are featured in the Ullu web series. However, Ira Soni played a character in Charmsukh special episode “Sauda.”


Watch these amazing actresses in their full swing in the Ullu web Series “Charmsukh”.

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