You are currently viewing Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Wild Sensation

Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Wild Sensation

Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Wild Sensation

Kooku Web Series often give rock and roll material in terms of their web series. Sometimes, we appreciate the Kooku web series for their out-of-the-box content, but sometimes we got slap with copied content with poorly shot intimate sequences. We can see How Nymph is different but with its trailer, it does look cool.

We all are aware of the concept of Nymph, there is a big controversial movie with the title ‘Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.’ However, the concept hasn’t been explored in the Indian web-series yet.

Even though we got to see dozens of infidelity stories, cheating in a relationship, and many other things. This way, the Nymph web series from Kooku App will be a big move and it might change the way we see Kooku App and keep comparing it with Ullu Originals.

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“Nymph” Releasing on 20th June 2021

The trailer starts with the scene of a girl choking on some unknown drugs. Later, in the trailer, it was revealed that the drug was to control the nymphomaniac behavior.

The scene is followed by a medley sequence where much raw footage from the whole show has been used. This serves as a short teaser trailer for the show. Well, the story of a Nymph is something that hasn’t been explored in the context of an Indian girl.

Just like Ullu Originals, Kooku App is also very secretive about its cast release. We can’t be sure which actress is playing the character. However, the lead actress does seem like Neelam Bhanushali. We do have to wait for the official release of the web series to know the Nymph cast details.

There are many more in the Kooku App store and we just started the exploration. The nymph trailer looks nice and we hope to see a good web series especially when the trailer hinted a same-gender romance between girls as well.

Nymph is available to watch online on 20th June 2021.

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