You are currently viewing Cineprime Puddan Web Series Watch Online, Release Time Revealed

Cineprime Puddan Web Series Watch Online, Release Time Revealed

Cineprime Puddan Web Series Watch Online, Release Time Revealed

Cineprime has hyped its upcoming web series to another level. Upcoming titled from Cineprime “Puddan” follows the story of a local Casanova named Puddan and his quest to sleep with the new Bhabhi in the town.

There were many speculations about the release date, cast, and other details about the web series. Finally, Cineprime revealed that the “Puddan web series” will premiere on the OTT platform at 6:30 PM on 18th June 2021.

The web series seems very interesting and soothing. Cineprime has shocked everyone with its quality content that comes as short films. The cinematography is brilliant, the cast gave stellar performances, and the story brings something unique every time.

We wonder what the “Puddan web series” has which we haven’t seen before. Especially, as the set pieces and story arc are very similar to ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat set from where they have showcased many sub-urban stories.

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Cineprime Puddan Cast





Cineprime Puddan Synopsis & Review

As stated earlier, the web series is set in a suburban city where people keep talking about Puddan and his legends. He is a local Casanova who claims to sleep with every woman he wants in the area. Then enters the new Bhabhi in the town who don’t even look at Puddan.

Puddan making all the attempts to sleep with new Bhabhi, and the village gawking the situation every time is the story of the Puddan. The actresses look bold and comfortable with their revealing outfits. No doubt, Cineprime has high hopes with the “Puddan web series.”

There are already many activities before the release, they even announced the premiere of the Puddan series. They have already released 2 short teaser trailers to create the hype. They have never done this before.

Undoubtedly, Cineprime is all its way to shift its focus and create long content for the movie-watchers.

While we promise to keep sharing all the major updates about Cineprime and its upcoming short films and web series.

You can watch online “Puddan web series” on Cineprime App today at 6:30 PM.

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