You are currently viewing HoiChoi Originals Mouchaak Watch Online For Monami Ghosh

HoiChoi Originals Mouchaak Watch Online For Monami Ghosh

HoiChoi Originals Mouchaak Watch Online For Monami Ghosh

HoiChoi Originals brought another sensational Bengali web series featuring Monami Ghosh in the lead role. The whole series revolves around the lottery ticket and mixed with sensual infidelity in the relationship.

Monami Ghosh is a big name in the Bengali film industry. She has a big career spanning over 2 decades in Bengali movies and TV shows. Monami Ghosh gave praiseworthy and sensational as Mou in the dark-humorist web series titled “Mouchaak.”

In a short synopsis, an unsatisfied wife calls her lover the moment her husband left the city for some job work. She made love to her mystery man but found the lottery ticket after checking his pockets. This is not in metaphorical ways; it was an actual lottery though.

The tension and acting of Monami Ghosh and all the other supporting actors are praiseworthy. There are a few scenes that can be considered a drawback of the web series but apart from that this is a binge-worthy series.

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HoiChoi Originals Mouchaak Cast

Monami Ghosh,

Kanchan Mullick,

Suhotra Mukhopadhyay

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HoiChoi Originals Mouchaak Review

As mentioned above, a few scenes where the still body was moving and we can actually see the errors. This was a part of spontaneous acting. Since the web series shows the story of a single day, actors were seen wearing single cloth throughout the series runtime.

Besides, Mouchaak is certified as A-rated web series for its graphic scenes. Even though there weren’t any specific intimate scenes, the camera was heavily focused and objectified Monami Ghosh’s body parts.

This can be a creative decision to go with. However, as an audience, I felt the story should be more into the thrill and drama than asking with every scene as How Monami Ghosh looks in this scene.

The Mouchaak web series is available to watch online on HoiChoi Originals.

Mouchaak web series is available to watch online on Hoichoi Originals. The web series has stellar cast and Monami Ghosh has given her career best performance.

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