You are currently viewing Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Love Prit Kaur

Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Love Prit Kaur

Kooku Web Series “Nymph” Watch Online For Love Prit Kaur

Rarely there are moments when we appreciate the Indian skinemax industry for showing some oozing content. We have constantly seen stories of rural and suburban India via short films and web series of Ullu App and Kooku App.

Only now, they have touched the topics like ‘Nymph’ by their video series. Nymph is slang for women who have extreme intimate desires. Kooku Original’s next venture is Nymph starring Love Prit Kaur in the lead role.

What can we expect from the web series? There will be many intimate scenes as Love Prit Kaur is playing the title character and her trait is to feel horny now and then. The short trailer also hinted at the same gender romance between Love Prit Kaur with another actress playing the second lead.

The web series is scheduled to release on 20th June 2021. However, Kooku is far behind the Ullu Originals in terms of web series title and they are trying their best to cope with the problem. The only significant way is to create more content and keep releasing twice a week.

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Kooku Nymph Web Series Cast

Love Prit Kaur




Shah Rukh


Kooku Nymph Synopsis & Review

The Ravi Verma-directed web series fall flat in many scenes as actors aren’t seen comfortable at all. Besides the concept and plot are so bold, actors playing their part should know that what they are signing up for.

If Nymph isn’t what people are waiting for then Kooku App should consider their cast before coming up with another web series idea. Also, many scenes are not edited brilliantly. Can’t say if leaving the footage raw is a part of the plan of the sample of slow editing.

I was waiting for the Kooku Nymph and I am not appreciating the content because of its execution. In the future, I would love to see quality content from platforms like the Kooku app.

Do tell me what is your opinion on the Kooku Nymph web series. The Nymph web series is available to watch online on Kooku App.

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