You are currently viewing “Queen Of South” Alice Braga Joins Cast Of Netflix’s New AI Thriller “Ivy”

“Queen Of South” Alice Braga Joins Cast Of Netflix’s New AI Thriller “Ivy”

“Queen Of South” Alice Braga Joins The Cast Of Netflix’s New AI Thriller “Ivy”

The Netflix series “Queen of South” which seems like a female counterpart of Narcos saw major success on the streaming platform. The show gave Alice Braga’s career a new height even though she made a name for herself in the Brazilian film industry and already featured in a couple of Hollywood movies as well.

“Queen of South” is still seeing a successful run on the streaming platform. The actress Alice Braga got another big offer from Netflix.

Sources speculated that Alice Braga has been offered a new Netflix film titled “Ivy.” The story is a sci-fi thriller and focuses on a woman who survived a brutal accident. Due to her accident, she now moves to a prototype house.

Later, she realizes that the superior AI technology used for the house gathers human emotions that are beyond any machines.

Everything To Know About Netflix “Ivy” Film Yet

Filmmaker Dannis Goulet is already on board to direct “Ivy.” He has directed many popular films that include Night Raiders, barefoot, and many others. Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg have created the screenplay of the movie.

Tripp Vinson for Vinson Films and Daniel Bekerman for Scythia Films joined hands to produce Netflix’s Ivy. In addition to writing the screenplay, Cohen and Halberg will serve as executive producers for the film. Christopher Yurkovich, Tara Farney, and Alex Ordanis are also onboard as executive producers.

Netflix as of now hasn’t released any dates for the streaming of the movie. So, this goes under Netflix’s upcoming probable movies. Besides this Netflix has been getting into more and more AI-based sci-fi thrillers.

One of the recent ones is Jennifer Lopez starring and producing Netflix’s “Atlas”, which is also touted to be an AI sci-fi epic. With modern inventions, AI looks like the next big thing filmmakers will be aiming for in the coming time.

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