You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2” Watch Online

Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2” Watch Online

Ullu Originals: Rupay 500 Part 2 Watch Online

You see the Ullu Originals for skinemax content and you were slapped across the face with social drama. Rupay 500 Part 1 is about the transformation of a housemaid to a prostitute to afford the two-course meal. And all praise for Muskan Agrawal’s sensational performance.

Rupaya 500 Part 2 major setup is the illegal market of prostitution and how local police deal with it. The short teaser released on the official channel of Ullu Originals shows how Mahi Kaur’s character came and impact the life of every people we have seen in the “Rupaya 500 Part 1.”

The way Ullu Originals is shifting its content horizon is praiseworthy. At once they keep making sensual content such as the Riti Riwaz series, Palang Tod Series, and widely recognized Charmsukh series.

On the other hand, they touched the sensitive topics with their short films and web series projects. For instance, they come up with a period drama showcasing “Mulakaran Tax” that women have to pay once upon a time in India.

Later, many web series like Paro, The Last Show, Peshawar, Paper Money, Halala, Laal Lihaaf, and many others were well focused on social Taboo and not just sensual pleasures.

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Ullu Web Series Rupay 500 Part 2. Releasing on 22nd June 2021.

The short trailer shows Mahi Kaur is playing an important role in Part 2 of Rupay 500. She is a top-notch prostitute as well as a pimp in the market. She introduces Muskan Agrawal (Ranju) in the big market and also talked about her daughter being in the same business.

We see the trailer ends when police raid the bar and exposes the whole racket. This is some serious storytelling from Ullu Originals. People who always see Ullu as nothing but a low-class OTT app should consider its upcoming web series.

Watch online “Rupay 500 Part 2” on 22nd June 2021.

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