Full List Of Canceled Netflix Shows In 2021

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Full List Of Canceled Netflix Shows In 2021

People who spend their life doing “Netflix & Chill” hates two words “Netflix Cancelations”. And the streaming war made all the OTT platforms move forward only with their best shows. This is the reason, the list of Cancelled Netflix shows is increasing rapidly.

Here, the updated list of Netflix shows that have been canceled so far in 2021. If you are curious to see all the big cancellations up until 2021, check out this cancellation bible that recounts the majority of Netflix shows canceled after the first season or a couple of seasons.

List of Canceled Netflix Shows In 2021

1. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

Netflix has decided not to proceed with the second season of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, a father-daughter comedy starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. The series, inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who produced alongside Alex Avant, debuted its eight-episode first season on April 14.

However, Netflix and Foxx have a long-standing creative partnership, which includes two upcoming films, They Cloned Tyrone and Day Shift.


2. Grand Army

“Grand Army” will not march on at Netflix. Sources revealed that Netflix has canceled the drama series after just one season.

The nine-episode first season of the teen drama debuted on Netflix back in October. Created by Katie Cappiello, the series was loosely based on Cappiello’s 2013 work “Slut: The Play.”


3. Jupiter’s Legacy

The superhero drama was supposed to be Netflix’s answer to Disney+ superhero web series and Amazon Prime Videos’ “The Boys.” The show received poor ratings and lots of criticism for awful drama. Thus, Netflix decided to discontinue the show.


4. La Révolution

La Révolution was released as one of the biggest Netflix Original shows in France. It was a period-action drama with interesting plot points. Sadly, the show didn’t perform well to get renewed for Season 2.


5. Monarca

The creators of this Mexican Spanish-language series took to Instagram to say that Netflix had opted not to renew Monarca for the third season and it seems that they weren’t officially informed of a cancelation but rather came to the conclusions themselves.


6. The Duchess

The cancelation was revealed on a podcast where the lead for this British comedy revealed that The Duchess wouldn’t be returning for season 2 on Netflix.

Katherine Ryan did reveal; however roughly how many people did check out the show saying it had around 10 million viewers.


7. The Irregulars

After only one season, The Irregulars was shown the door at Netflix despite receiving generally strong reviews and was thought to be part of Netflix’s big push into the Sherlock Holmes universe.

The series is cited as beating out a hit Marvel show on the Nielsen top 10s in the US but even that wasn’t enough to keep it going.


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