You are currently viewing Meet The Cast Of Too Hot To Handle Season 2, Watch Online On Netflix

Meet The Cast Of Too Hot To Handle Season 2, Watch Online On Netflix

Meet The Cast Of Too Hot To Handle Season 2, Watch Online On Netflix

Netflix is finally releasing the second season of Netflix’s Too Hot to handle on June 23 with a new set of contestants in a luxurious new villa.

Most of the game rules are going to be the same. There will be 8 episodes in the series where 10 attractive singles interact with each other following one single rule which is not hooking up with each other.

They are taking the four-week challenge to remain fully abstinent with one another to win the prize amount of $100,000. Contestants will remain under constant surveillance and whenever they are caught breaking the rules, the prize amount will attract deductions.

We have already seen the villa from the self-proclaimed “queen of real estate” Christine Quinn. In Quinn’s words, “It is a beauty spot perfect for long periods of reflection, abstinence, and talking to an AI-programmed robot.”

The contestants will get to enjoy each other’s personalities across the “100 percent Christina Quinn–approved” villa’s five bedrooms, movie theater, tennis court, and in-house private chef.

Take a look at the whole cast of Netflix Too Hot to Handle Season 2. The special introduction video is also attached at the end of the article. Follow the website for updates related to Too Hot to handle season 2.

1. Cam Holmes

Cam Holmes is a 24-year-old personal trainer and model from Newport, South Wales. A self-confessed nerd spent most of his life reading Lord of the Rings. He has a special talent for Gollum’s impressions and mentioned his commitment issues with women.

2. Carly Lawrence

A 24-year-old model from Toronto, Carly Lawrence is also a former competitive dancer and a self-proclaimed “man-eater” who hates to be told what to do. She parties hard with no intentions of settling down with any partner, which may prove difficult in light of this season.

3. Nathan Webb

Former Brit and current Texan Nathan Webb is a former stripper with unhealed wounds from past heartbreaks—now, he is a womanizer. While his passions currently consist of country music and getting the ladies, he may resolve to give love a chance again with the help of this season.


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4. Chase Demoor

“Tall, dark, and handsome” Chase Demoor is a professional American football player from Arizona. He allegedly possesses a sex drive at a “100 out of 10.”

5. Emily Faye Miller

Multilingual London-based model Emily Faye Miller is the “life and soul” of any party who always gets what she wants. Naturally, she’s also a heartbreaker with the men, but this season’s imposed abstinence may bring out her softer side.

6. Kayla Jean

Twenty-six-year-old Florida bartender and model Kayla Jean feels most in her element while at the beach, whether to tan, surf, or suss out talent. She loves bad boys and says that she’s never once been rejected. Her strict upbringing in youth has unleashed her inner wild child, which may prove difficult in light of staying in line with the rules.


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7. Larissa Townson

Twenty-eight-year-old lawyer Larissa Townson of Auckland, New Zealand, is known to friends as Tinkerbell—she’s a lover of attention, especially attention from the guys. She enjoys keeping her options open, though may struggle to reckon with a potential lack of options at all.

8. Peter Vigilante

Twenty-one-year-old personal trainer and TikTok influencer Peter Vigilante is a heartthrob from Staten Island, New York, who boasts up to 200 DMs per day from his admirers. He’s a family man with a close relationship with his mother. While he’s also a fiend for astrology, he admittedly saw no sex ban written in the stars.

9. Marvin Anthony

Twenty-six-year-old Marvin Anthony is a Parisian model, influencer, and former basketball player, and a finance bro with a master’s degree. He has it all going for him, so he’s inevitably also a catch with the ladies. While he’s certainly in the place to be picky, he may not be opposed to too much of a good thing.

10. Melinda Melrose

Twenty-eight-year-old New York model Melinda Melrose loves to stand out from the crowd—despite growing up with 15 other siblings, she still managed to get a lot of attention. She has a knack for keeping men in sight like a “predator on the hunt,” and doesn’t plan on changing that anytime soon.


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