You are currently viewing From Charmsukh To “Rupaya 500” 10 Best Ullu Web Series List

From Charmsukh To “Rupaya 500” 10 Best Ullu Web Series List

From Charmsukh To “Rupaya 500” 10 Best Ullu Web Series List

In an exclusive interview, Ullu Originals’ CEO Vibhu Aggrawal stated that they are planning to become the leading content provider in the OTT industry. All the Ullu Web Series are getting good responses from fans and Ullu became the fastest growing OTT platform in India.

While Ullu Originals is criticized for its content, it has given many stunning web series as well. In some other posts, we will discuss all the Ullu Web series videos that are binge-worthy.

In this special blog, we talk about the Ullu Web Series that are famous for showing too much skin. Jot down the list of Ullu web series especially counted as “Ullu Hot Video.” And comment if you have watched all the web series and all the episodes as well.

1. Julie Web Series

Julie from Ullu Originals put Nehal Vadoliya on the map. She became one of the most sought OTT actresses at that time. Julie is a crime thriller web series with limited episodes. Nehal Vadoliya gave a stunning performance.

In an exclusive interview, she said she got the title role because of her previous works in the industry. Later, she featured in other web series from Ullu Originals as well. The most successful was the “Woodpecker” with Ira Soni in lead.


2. Charmsukh Web Series

One of the most popular series from Ullu Originals is the Charmsukh series. Every single episode of the Charmsukh deals with bedroom fantasies. Fans loved it so much and creators never disappointed with the Charmsukh episodes.

Besides a few poorly executed episodes, the Charmsukh series is a must-watch web series from Ullu Originals. Many of its web series are leaked on torrenting websites titled “Ullu Hot Videos.”


3. Riti Riwaz Web Series

India is a place for culture and Riti Riwaz, and Ullu web series videos never shy away to show you awkward traditions that are still followed in India. The web series has released 7-8 episodes. The 6th episode titled Pinjara got everyone’s attention.

Pinjara episode starring Mishti Basu and Mahi Nagpal is the sweetest and boldest thing you find on the Internet. The intimate scenes are shot very passionately and this single episode made the Riti Riwaz web series one of the popular web series on the Ullu App.


4. Palang Tod Web Series

Another smash-hit web series on Ullu App is Palang Tod. Popular actresses like Rekha Mona Sarkar, Pihu Singh, Rajsi Verma, Mishti Basu, Muskan Agrawal, and many others are featured in this web series. Palang Tod is the episodic journey of a character who ends up in bed.

All the episodes of the Palang Tod web series are binge-worthy. Especially the last 3 web episodes are quite awesome and fans are demanding the continuation of the stories as well.


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5. Prabha Ki Diary Web Series

Inspired by the Hollywood TV series “Red Riding Shoes” Ullu Originals created the Prabha Ki Diary series. It went viral on the internet and Ullu App witnessed a spike in its subscription growth.

Soon, they created a second season, and keep inviting popular names from the OTT industry to play the lead character in the show. All the stories in the Prabha Ki Diary web series are a bit controversial but quite amazing to watch and enjoy.


6. Rupaya 500 Web Series

The latest web series from Ullu Original is Rupaya 500. They have decided to release it in two parts. It features actresses like Mahi Kaur, Mahi Nagpal, and Muskan Agrawal in the lead role. Part 1 has been released and became an instant success.

“Rupaya 500 part 2” will release on 22nd June 2021. It touches the social norms as well and is considered one of the best Ullu Web Series that recently came out. It has all the elements audience searches in the web series.


7. Paro Web Series

Ullu Originals drama on the bride selling custom is bizarre and entertaining at the same time. TV actress Leena Jumani came on board to play the lead character Paro in the series.

The web series has been released in 2 parts and left a long-lasting impact on the minds of viewers. In addition to this, some of the scenes are memorable too in the web series.


8. Lovely Massage Parlor Web Series

Lovely Massage Parlor is in the same vein as other Ullu shows are. It features popular OTT actresses like Anupama Prakash, Nidhi Mahavan, and Simran Khan in key roles. It has intense intimate scenes shot wonderfully and synced with background music.

The three-way love-making scenes are the boldest steps from Ullu Originals in their show. The web show is available to watch online on Ullu App and released in 3 parts.


9. The Guardian Web Series

The Guardian is one of the oldest web series on Ullu Platforms. It featured sensational beauty Ruma Sharma in the dynamic private teacher. The actress gave the boldest scenes with the young kid and made headlines.

Ruma Sharma didn’t feature in many web series but she left a long-lasting impact with her portrayal of a smart and unusual teacher in the show.


10. Tadap Web Series

And my personal favorite Tadap web series featuring Shiny Dixit in the lead role. The web series has an interesting plot, soul-pleasing music, and stellar cast that include Indraneil Sen and Param Singh.

It shows the journey of a young girl Madhavi from her teenage days to being a mother and going into a different lifestyle. Shiny Dixit rocks in the character of Madhavi and the scenes are shot brilliantly as well.


Which one is your favorite? Mine is Tadap.

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