You are currently viewing Hot Tamil Web Series Thiruttu Punai Episode 4 Watch Online

Hot Tamil Web Series Thiruttu Punai Episode 4 Watch Online

Hot Tamil Web Series Thiruttu Punai Episode 4 Watch Online

Tamil hot web series Thiruttu Punai has released its 4th episode and it is bonkers. Thiruttu Punai web series season 1 is loved by fans across the globe. Kilukilluppu has given something wildest that many people crave to watch online more and more.

The web series showcased the story of a couple attending a guest. The guest falls for the lady in the house and tries to sleep with her along with formal friendly teasing. While the last 3 episodes build up all the tension for this epic infidelity, the 4th episode redeemed the success.

The short 12-minute episode starts with a woman doodling with her phone and a maid came to offer a drink. She asked for a glass of milk and the maid mixes some sort of drugs in her drink. Remember that the maid is helping the guest to get the girl.

Later, in the last 6 minutes, the man is taking advantage of an unconscious girl. The shot is full and without any blur or unwanted cuts at all.

Thiruttu Punai Episode 5 Is Coming Soon

Okay, let’s talk about the essence of the intimate scene in this hot tamil web series. First of all, this is one pure Tamil hot web series and many people wanted to see. Second, there are many subtle references to what the Tamil hot series looks like. In the saree, with oozing expressions, and all.

There is sensation, hesitation, exposure, and everything you want to see in such type of web series. Moreover, Thiruttu Punai Episode 4 ended at the cliffhanger. We all are eager to know what will happen next.

This is a case of infidelity and our lady protagonist was unconscious when somebody took advantage of her. Will she know about it or have any recollection of thoughts? Would she like it or make the table turn in an upcoming episode of Thiruttu Punai.

Well, till you wait for the release of RGV’s Dangerous, watch online Thiruttu Punai on the Kilukilluppu app.

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