You are currently viewing Ullu App: Upcoming Ullu Web Series To Release? Here’s the option

Ullu App: Upcoming Ullu Web Series To Release? Here’s the option

Ullu App: Upcoming Ullu Web Series To Release? Here’s the option

I have recently seen many posts on Instagram, Twitter, and even blogs discussing the upcoming Ullu web series to release next week. We all know that “Rapaya 500 Part 2” is releasing on 22nd June 2021. Apart from this, what’s the upcoming Ullu Web Series to release on the platform.

To be precise, the options are many. Even though Ullu App never discussed their upcoming projects in any events or even in general. Fans start guessing the release of upcoming Ullu shows. Here’s the list of web series episodes that would land on the platform anytime soon.

1. Tandoor Web Series

There are a few shows that Ullu App hinted at long ago. These are star-driven shows and Ullu also wants to capture the lion’s share of the OTT industry in India. This is the reason; they have announced the “Rashmi Desai starrer Tandoor web series” long ago.

Since it was long ago, there is a full chance that we got to see Tandoor part 1 this week. We all want to see Rashmi Desai going full throttle in the web series. After all, we all have seen her, imagine her, and crave for her from Uttran days.


2. Madhosh Diaries Web Series

Ullu App’s new web original Madhosh Diaries was a mess. The single episode “Madhosh Diaries Good Wife” didn’t make any significant success. And I am pretty sure that Ullu Originals will give their web series a second chance as well.

3. Palang Tod Web Series

Palang Tod is getting a big-time success and Ullu App might consider releasing another Palang Tod episode for their loyal audience. To be precise, even I am hoping to get a new Palang Tod episode with an interesting storyline.

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4. Charmsukh Web Series

Charmsukh is a popular series and the episode series have sub-series as well. Sadly, the last episode of Charmsukh was nothing but a disappointment to a loyal audience. There’s little possibility of releasing Charmsukh another episode in the same month but the Ullu app has done this before.

5. Prabha Ki Diary Web Series

Another popular series from Ullu App is Prabha Ki Diary and the success of the latest episode might intrigue creators to come up with another sensational episode. Or a new season. No wonder, if tomorrow we see another trailer of the Prabha Ki Diary series.

6. Riti Riwaz Web Series

And my bets are on the next Riti Riwaz series. Riti Riwaz is an underrated series from Ullu Originals. It shows the weird Indian traditions and customs in the most appealing ways. It’s been a long time since we saw the last episode.

What do you want to see next? Write it in the comment box. The Ullu upcoming web series trailer will be revealed tomorrow.

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