You are currently viewing 6 Reason To Watch Upcoming Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2”

6 Reason To Watch Upcoming Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2”

6 Reason To Watch Upcoming Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2”

Ullu Originals is coming up with a perfect mix of good storytelling and wild sensation. They have created ample stories that we all can love and lure over at the same time. No wonder, Ullu App emerges as the fastest growing OTT platform.

The bottom line is they have series of web series in line to release and astonishingly they release 2 episodes every week. Tomorrow, they are going to release the second part of “Rupaya 500” and this is nothing like we ever expected.

Recently they have released another episode of Charmsukh and it didn’t get a good response. Well, fans are a little disappointed but looking forward to the upcoming Ullu video. Meanwhile, I have prepared a list of why you should watch the online Ullu Web Series “Rupaya 500 Part 2” on the Ullu app.

1. The Social Drama

No one ever expected the social drama with illegal trafficking and other plots will be touched in the web series. The short trailer of Rupaya 500 Part 2 shocked everyone. This is what should be captured for the essence of the show.

2. Mahi Kaur

There’s a little scene of Mahi Nagpal in the Rupaya 500 Part 1, and the whole series was about the transformational journey of Muskan Agrawal’s character. Actress Mahi Kaur will sorta lead in the whole Rupaya 500 Part 2 runtime.

3. Three Popular Actresses

Mahi Kaur, Mahi Nagpal, and Muskan Agrawal, all are popularly known actresses of the OTT industry. Ullu Originals brought all these three actresses together for one single web series and that’s amazing.

4. Rupaya 500 Part 2 Has Captivating Story Line

The storyline is what interests me more, the part 1 of Rupaya 500 is about Ranju’s transformation from household to hooker. Part 2 has widened its horizon and deals the issues like girls trafficking and many more. But the change is subtle and it’s amazing.

5. 60 Minutes’ Long

Who else is more about length than girth? This Ullu Web Series will also consist of 3 episodes 20 minutes each making it one of the longest ones.

6. The Ullu Web Series Factor

And lastly, the Ullu web series factor made it more interesting. People wait for the release of the Ullu web series weekly just to see some good Indian skinemax content. This means something. Rupaya 500 Part 2 is first an Ullu Web Series and then a gripping tale.

Watch online Rupaya 500 Part 2 on Ullu App.

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