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kooku-web-series-vasooli-cast-watch-online-for-pooja-kashyap (2)

Kooku Web Series Vasooli Cast, Watch Online For Pooja Kashyap

Kooku Web Series Vasooli Cast, Watch Online For Pooja Kashyap

OTT platforms sensation Pooja Kashyap is back again and she looks damn hot this time too. Kooku Web Series released the short trailer of its upcoming web series titled “Vasooli”. Vasooli web series is grounded into reality and shows the oppressed farm workers’ life.

In addition to this, the sweet sensation from the Kooku web series is also there. In the trailer, many graphic shots are focusing on women’s breasts. However, the big news is the return of Pooja Kashyap after a month or so with a new gripping web series.

With the web series, we can expect some skin as well. Even though, Kooku web series maintains its stature as not showing graphic content while showing intimate scenes. The web series is releasing on 29th July 2021.

Table of Contents

Vasooli Kooku Cast

Madhuri Kumari

Rolly Singh

Pooja Kashyap

Prashant Mishra

Jagdish Malviya

Ravi Ratan Dongre

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Kooku Web Series Comes With Gripping Romantic Thriller

The short trailer starts with the story of a Malti working in the fields. We get to know that owner is about to sell the land. The reason is unprofitable work and heavy losses. Later, he asked the workers to dig a hole in the land.

It intrigued everyone and all the field workers started making rumors and wild speculations about the owner. At the same time, the owner gets into a physical relationship with Malti and other female field workers. Malti got pregnant and the story keeps moving forward.

Lastly, they released the web series titled “Nymph” and it got positive feedback from people around. This web series is also showing positive signs. Especially with the stellar cast gathered for the web series.

Watch online the trailer of “Vasooli – Kooku web series” on the official Instagram and YouTube channel of the Kooku App. The web series is releasing on 29th June 2021.

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