Ullu Web Series Khunnas Cast, Watch Online For Amika Shail

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Ullu Web Series Khunnas Cast, Watch Online For Amika Shail

Khunnas is an upcoming web series on Ullu App. It is supposed to be a romantic thriller in the same vein as Indori Ishq and Kabir Singh but a little more violent. Popular actress Amika Shail is playing the lead character in the web series. It is releasing on 29th June 2021.

The short trailer shows that Ullu Web Series is not only about sultry romance and intimate scenes, but they also can and they are coming up with intense storylines now and then.

Amika Shail has a reputation in the web series industry and her coming on board for such a glorified love saga brought face value as well. We are soon coming up with the list of Amika Shail movies and web series she featured in.

In the meantime, take a look at the stellar cast of the Khunnas web series on Ullu App.

Ullu Khunnas Cast

Amika Shail





Ullu Web Series Is An Intense Thriller

Recently, Ullu Web Series is coming up with a good mix of stories as well as their trademark sensation. They have released wild sensational series like “Charmsukh”, “Palang Tod”, and “Riti Riwaz”. At the same time, they created shows like “Breast Tax”, “Halala”, and “Paper Money”.

Khunnas is in the same vein as it must have some sensational intimate scenes to lure the major portion of the audience. In addition to this, they are also focusing on storytelling to attract the customers who watch web series of gripping stories.

I think we all agree with the fact that Ullu Web Series are not making Game of Thrones kind of material but they are not showing just roadside romance. They are coming up with good stories and the future will be really good if we keep supporting Ullu Originals. Like every time, they come up with something like this.

Watch Ullu Web Series Khunnas on Ullu App. The web series is releasing on 29th June 2021. It stars Amika Shail in dynamic role.

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