You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series Khunnas Part 1 Watch Online For Sonam Arora

Ullu Web Series Khunnas Part 1 Watch Online For Sonam Arora

Ullu Web Series Khunnas Part 1 Watch Online For Sonam Arora

Ullu Originals brought another gem from its sack today. And for the most part, we all are waiting for another trailer release today probably Charmsukh or Riti Riwaz episode, we should praise the creators for the Ullu Web Series Khunnas Part 1.

The web series is a most brutal and very simple story of local Kabir Singh. The protagonist Saheem Khan played the character of Gautam brilliantly. He is the soul of the story and moves the story forward.

Amika Shail has to lead the show and shown a pretty dominant and bold character. There’s little to do for Sonam Arora who is making her OTT debut with Khunnas Part 1. Besides, the character actors have done a phenomenal job and uplifted the show which was very mediocre in the plain script.

The people who keep searching for intimate scenes will be disappointed as the show barely explored anything else but the character arc. However, the character of Devika played by Sonam Arora has been painted in a bad light with no redeeming qualities.

Khunnas Part 1 Cast

Saheem Khan (Gautam),

Sonam Arora (Devika),

Asit Redij (Father),

Amika Shail (Rashmi)


Khunnas Part 1 Story

A house decked up like Diwali just for their daughter’s birthday is thrilled by gunshots. The assassin is none other than their driver whose rage triggered by the birthday girl’s act in the past. Witness the twisted affair behind this revenge drama, that leads to a massacre.

Yes, for the most part, Gautam is a driver and he has grudges against the birthday girl. But everyone living in the house is now on his list. This is the story of Khunnas Part 1.

Just after the release of another episode of Charmsukh or Palang Tod or Riti Riwaz, we will see the Khunnas Part 2. It will be within this week only. Perhaps 5th July is the date to release Khunnas Part 2.

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