You are currently viewing Ullu Palang Tod “Friend Request” Cast, Watch Online For Mishti Basu

Ullu Palang Tod “Friend Request” Cast, Watch Online For Mishti Basu

Ullu Palang Tod “Friend Request” Cast, Watch Online For Mishti Basu

They have noticed the rising popularity of Palang Tod episodes web series and Mishti Basu. They blend it again in the upcoming Ullu web series Palang Tod “Friend Request”

Just after the release of the “Khunnas Part 1” web series, Ullu dropped the short trailer of Palang Tod Friend Request. It is filled with a stellar cast, raunchy intimate scenes, and a complete new sensational storytelling as well.

It is the 10th episode of Ullu Palang Tod, and it is gaining popularity every passing day. Ullu Web Series is making the best out of the scenario by creating web series of two different kinds. At first, they are coming up with intense thrillers and exploring many other genres such as crime thriller, social drama, comedy classics, and romantic comedy as well.

For instance, they have revealed the poster of the upcoming Ullu Web Series titled “Ganje Wale Baba” which focused on 4 aimless and shameless friends and their quest to find shiny life going through struggle and fun.

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Friend Request Cast

Mishti Basu



Palang Tod Friend Request Releasing on 2nd July 2021.

As the name suggests, the story revolves around Facebook and people sending each other friend requests. The trailer starts with two girls talking animatedly about how one accidentally sent a friend request to another.

Mishti Basu is the struggling actress in the web series and she broke the news that she got cast to play the second lead in the movie. They both dated the same man. There’s one specific dialogue that suggests the character arcs.

Mishti Basu said, “I thought I was the second lead but now, I am the heroine.” Besides this special Palang Tod episode suggests three-way romance as well. Ullu Web Series are well aware of what the young audience wants from them.

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