You are currently viewing Ullu Web Series “Dunali Part 1” Watch Online For Nehal Vadolia

Ullu Web Series “Dunali Part 1” Watch Online For Nehal Vadolia

Ullu Web Series “Dunali Part 1” Watch Online For Nehal Vadolia

Ullu Original never failed to surprise with its gripping storytelling. Most of the Ullu Web Series is a perfect blend of erotica and interesting stories. Dunali Part 1 is no exception. The trailer looked bold and fans were expecting many scenes from the web series.

Well, the web series hadn’t disappointed either. Prerna Singh and Nehal Vadolia stole the show with their multiple intimate scenes in the long 60 minutes run time. While the whole story focused around Shubham Deorukhar’s character Sameer, we really got to see any glimpse of Prerna Singh sacks, as well as Nehal Vadolia sacks.

Ullu web series are developing very mature content these days. Even though these web series have an ample amount of erotica to lure the majority of Indian audiences, it has significant plot lines plus awesome performance to engage the viewers in the story as well.

Ullu Web Series Dunali Part 1 Cast

Shubham Deorukhar (Sameer),

Prerna Singh (Riya),

Hitesh Makhija (Rohan),

Nehal Vadolia (Shakshi),

Babul Bhavesar (Rakesh)

Ullu Web Series Synopsis

Undoubtedly with the big budget, they can create popular web series for an Indian audience that match the level of HBO. Ullu has originally announced the web series Tandoor starring TV hottie Rashmi Desai. The web series was already in buzz for having a stellar star cast.

Dunali Part 1 revolves around Sameer who is troubled by an atypical medical condition that affects the young boy’s love life. The world around him goes upside down wherein everyone tries to take advantage of his abilities.

Some remain smitten while some are shocked when they find the double-trouble that he is blessed with. Watch the laugh-riot doubling its fun in “Dunali Part 1.”

For instance, there’s a scene where Sameer’s roommate is having a moment with Nehal Vadolia’s character and it was pure fun.

Dunali Part 1 is available to watch online on Ullu App.

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