You are currently viewing Primeshots Tapa Tap Web Series Watch Online For Erotic Storytelling
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Primeshots Tapa Tap Web Series Watch Online For Erotic Storytelling

Primeshots Tapa Tap Web Series Watch Online For Erotic Indian Storytelling

Primeshots is quickly making its name in the OTT industry by bringing unique erotica content. These short films and mini-series are well executed with the talented cast who dare to bare it all in front of the camera. Again these short flicks are nothing like softcore as they came up with interesting twists and turns. Also, most of these series gave impactful messages in very hilarious ways.

Talking about the new short flick Tapa Tap, it shows the story of two married couples who are having a clear case of infidelity. Even though the story sounds a little cheesy, the presentation and choreography have made it a wonderful watch.

Especially the scenes where couples plan a foursome and try to convince their better half. Well, this is the time such bold content should come to the public as monogamy is a myth and these cultures can bring more fun and spices in the love life of the married couple.

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Primeshots Tapa Tap Web Series Cast

Mandy Bhullar

Shweta Ghosh

Amit Virmani

Kirti Swarnkar

Ankur Hasampuria

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Primeshots Tapa Tap Review – Indian version of Foursome

Even though we have seen many web series and short films in the last couple of years, we haven’t got the chance to see a sensational foursome until now. Primeshots Tapa Tap is erotic and fun to watch. There are two specific scenes in the Tapa Tap web series that draw attention in the whole runtime.

First is the scene where both the husband imagines each other’s wife in their undergarments at the dinner table. With the soft light and clear focus on the breasts, the scenes are mesmerizing.

The second is the long shot at the bedroom when girls sit behind waiting for the man to start the scene. It is hilarious as both the guys start talking about their days. In the meantime, girls start kissing each other. Boys join them as they start kissing their wives. Luckily the ladies remind to swap and the whole thing took place in one scene.

For the story lovers, there is a twist in the end as well. If you missed some entertaining erotica content, this is what exactly you are looking for.

To know more about Primeshots Upcoming short films and web series. Follow the website’s official pages.

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