You are currently viewing 5 Best Films of the Director Taika Waititi According to IMDb

5 Best Films of the Director Taika Waititi According to IMDb

5 Best Films of the Director Taika Waititi According to IMDb

Taika Waititi turned 46 this August 16th. Taika is one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood right now. You wanna see how magnificent he is as an actor director; you should see his interviews and gag reels. Beyond a visionary creative director and actor, he is a man full of fun.

I remember in one of his interviews, he sarcastically mentioned that the Thor franchise was quite funny and they need someone to take their work seriously. Well, we all know how seriously Taika worked on the movie and what was the result he got with the movie.

To celebrate the birthday of one of the most creative directors alive, we have ranked his five best films. IMDb ratings are chosen as the criteria for ranking the films.

1. Boy (IMDb-7.5)

The story of Boy revolves around, well, a boy who sees his father as his role model. The boy hero-worships his father and wants to form a deep bond with him. During the film, however, the boy discovers that his father is a criminal, but this discovery doesn’t dissuade him from seeing his father as his role model.

The boy even starts to imitate his criminal father to connect with him on a deeper level. The film beautifully showcases the importance of having a role model in life. The criminal father in the film was played by Taika himself. The film also shows, besides being a brilliant director, how good of an actor Taika is.


2. What We Do In The Shadows (IMDb-7.7)

What We Do In The Shadows was directed in mockumentary style filmography. The film revolves around three vampires and is a complete laugh riot. The film is guaranteed to elevate your mood.


3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (IMDb-7.9)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople stars Sam Neil and Julian Dennison. The film is about an uncle and a foster son who become the target of a manhunt. It is equal parts hilarious and intense. The film also features a comic cameo of Taika.


4. Thor: Ragnarok (IMDb-7.9)

Thor: Ragnarok is the third installment in the Thor film series. It is also the best film in the series. Thor: Ragnarok is considered one of the best films in all of the MCU franchises. Taika brought his trademark humor in the Thor: Ragnarok, and in doing so revived the Thor series.


5. Jojo Rabbit (IMDb-8.1)

The movie deals with heavy subject matters but manages to not make the film overbearing or, in any way difficult to watch. Jojo Rabbit is about a young boy named Jojo who initially sees Hitler as his role model.

However, when he finds that his mother has been secretly hiding a Jew girl in their house, he is forced to reconsider his beliefs. Taika plays Hitler in the film and delivered his best acting performance of all time.


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