You are currently viewing Kooku Web Series Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Watch Online For Shweta

Kooku Web Series Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Watch Online For Shweta

Kooku Web Series Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Watch Online For Shweta Parmar

Kooku App returned again with a stunning web series idea titled ‘Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar’. Admit it we all are waiting for another Kooku web series release. Kooku app has given some of the best Indian web series that we still love to watch.

Actresses like Rekha Mona Sarkar and Pooja Kashyap got famous working in the number of Kooku Web Series. It is probably the Raj Kundra case or some mishap in the working team of Kooku originals that they haven’t released anything for a month after the Paglet series.

Oh boy, the series is too much, the writing and acting performance of the ensemble cast has increased to another level. The cinematography is also very soft and enjoyable. Everyone in the show has done a phenomenal job.


Table of Contents

Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Cast


Shweta Parmar,

Taksh Narang,

Jayati Thakkar,



Vinod Tripathy,


Kooku App Hamara Pyaar Chamatkar Review & Synopsis

The story starts with a fight between a married couple who shifted to a different locality. They went to the balcony to take some air where they saw their neighbors in full of love making out. They went inside to resolve their fight but stuck into a heated debate.

Later the neighbors invited them to be their guests at the party when they gave the couple idea to take an online therapy session. The couple were interested and started the therapy which has three stages. First was infatuation where they undress each other and fall for a passionate love-making session.

The second was the role play, where their neighbors helped them and prepare them as prostitutes and clients. The couples were really enjoying their love moments. The third stage was to build trust by getting intimate with others. At first, the couple hesitated, but later agreed to it.

We see another set of lovemaking with all different cast. At last, the big twist revealed that the therapist was nothing but a scam who finds an innocent couple and turned them into prostitutes.

Here, full marks for the story and presentation. Seriously, you can watch the whole 3-episodic series again and again. In the meantime, just wait for another good web series from Kooku Web Series.

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