You are currently viewing TVF Engineering Girls Season 2 Watch Online On Zee5

TVF Engineering Girls Season 2 Watch Online On Zee5

TVF Engineering Girls Season 2 Watch Online On Zee5

Zee5 released the long-awaited trailer of Engineering Girls season 2 on August 17. From the look of the trailer, the second season of the show seems funny and delightful just like its predecessor. Engineering Girls is TVF creation and scheduled to drop on Zee5 on 27th August 2021.

The second season of the show will showcase how the three friends Maggu, Sabu, and Kiara will navigate the final year of their college life. In the second season, all the three friends will devote their focus to two very different but equally desirable things.

These two things are namely preparing for a bright career in their respective fields and trying to squeeze as much fun as they can from their last remaining years of college. Though the two seasons of the series are different in some respects, one thing remains the same. All the three friends always support each other.

In the second season of Engineering Girls, Maggu will be seen focusing on securing a campus placement, Sabu will create the best pitch for her start-up idea, and Kiara will rock her drama club. However, all these endeavors do not dissuade them from having fun together.


Engineering Girls Cast Include Barkha Singh, Kritika Avasthi, and Sejal Kumar

The three friends realize that these last days of college are very special and will never come back again. The final year is also their last chance to do all those things that they didn’t do in the first two years of college, and which they would probably never get a chance to do again after their graduation.

The season of Engineering Girls focused on the struggles of the three girls, Maggu, Sabu, and Kiara. They experienced engineering college life for the first time. In addition to showing the relationship issues of the three girls, the first season also showcased their struggles to get acknowledged in the college. To summarise, the first season the show was essentially a coming of age.

All of these elements, that made the first season so endearing, will be present in the second season too. All the original lead cast of season one – Barkha Singh, Kritika Avasthi and, and Sejal Kumar will reprise their roles. The second season of Engineering Girls will be released on Zee5 on 27th August 2021.

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