You are currently viewing Gehena Vasisth Instagram Post Talks About Mumbai Police Brutality

Gehena Vasisth Instagram Post Talks About Mumbai Police Brutality

Gehena Vasisth Instagram Post Talks About Mumbai Police Brutality

Gehena Vasisth has made a name for herself by being part of the entertainment industry. However, the time is not right for Gehena as she revealed herself on the post. In an Instagram post, she showed her ripped clothes (from the armpit) and wrote a long caption stating how helpless she felt about her situation.

For some obvious reason, and the tone that comes from the actress, she can’t be trusted. The cases against her might be true or there can be many other things if we talk about the possibilities. For the time being, this is not sounding great as she posts a story asking if she can suicide.

As we all understand that the depression can be more personal and people don’t want to show themselves. Here, the case can be different as actors spent most of their time in the news and fans and camera. It wouldn’t be good to think that she is faking this too.


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Gehena Vasisth Controversy and Cases

The actress is popular for being part of the web series Gandi Baat season 3. Later, she featured in some other web series that depicted the same content with extreme boldness if we talk about Bollywood content.

Gehena Vasisht later took the director’s chair and creates some of the most sought erotica content for Indian web series viewers. Things started turning sour when some actresses filed a complaint against Gehena Vasisht with the charges that she tried to shoot adult video content.

In her defense, Gehena Vasisth keeps saying that she had directed the erotica, skinemax which is completely different from adult video content. However, police seized her laptop and her accounts. In the long message, she stated that she is bankrupt, she is living in her friend’s home, she borrowed money to pay for her bail, and whatnot.

I am not going to make any official statement about it. However, I want people to take action on this as well. Just don’t be like ‘she is just an actress, and we have many others to see.’

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